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6 Ways to Survive a Bad Curly Haircut

Addison Hoff

Posted on November 15 2019


Bad curly haircut





Have you ever made an appointment at the salon excited to come out feeling like a new woman but instead you were dealt the bad haircut card? A trim or re-shaping turns out into an accidental new short haircut!

It’s devastating.

It’s recommended that you let your new cut settle for at least 24 hours before taking any additional steps.  If they styled your curls at the salon, chances are that they styled them completely different than you normally do. Try restyling your hair using your normal routine. See how that goes!

If you still feel like chopping off whatever remains of your hair after the waiting period and restyling, do one (or more!) of these six things instead:


1. Get It Fixed


Hairstylist fixing a bad curly haircut


Depending on how bad the haircut is and if it can be saved, going back to the stylist for another chance may be an option.  Fortunately, most stylists will fix your hair for free if you are unhappy with the results.  

Uneven and poorly done layers can be fixed. However, bangs and cuts that are too short may require playing the waiting game.

Not in the mood to face them? Try searching for a highly rated curl specialist in your area that totally gets what you are going through and has experience fixing botched cuts.


2. Try Different Styles


Curly hairstyles


The silver lining to a bad cut is that it helps you push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone.

Have fun with your new look,  play with your new hair in creative ways.

Try rocking a loose curly messy bun, high pineapple, braids or a simple but chic up-do. Check out our Pinterest for ideas and inspirations Bebonia Pinterest 


3. Get Curly Hair Extensions


Before and after wearing curly hair extensions


If there’s one beauty emergency that needs an immediate fix, it’s a bad haircut.

The plus side of snapping in curly clip-in extensions is to help conceal any gaps or shelves the stylist left behind.  These will be your go-to to instantly help fill the void that was left behind.



4. Color It


Bonde Curls

Look at the bright side! 

Color variations – highlights, lowlights, and ombre—can create the illusion that your hair is blended. Additionally, strategically placed color can draw attention away from less appealing sections of hair. 

On the other hand, a lighter or darker allover color can make your hair look put-together-- or at least make the rough parts less obvious. 


5. Accessories those curls girl!

Hair Accessories

Play with accessories to create stylish looks. Scarves, headbands, clips, hats, can all hide and take attention away from your bad cut. 

Not to mention, some accessories are so cute. 

There’s an accessory to match any style and hair type so this is your chance to get really expressive.



6. Take care of it


Curly Haircare


Even if you can’t even look at your hair now, there’s no reason to take your anger out on it. Instead, transform your frustration into love by treating your curls to the following:

  • Buy a new, super hydrating hair mask. 
  • Give essential oils a try
  • Get that collagen coffee creamer, biotin supplement or vitamins.
  • Give yourself a nightly scalp massage.

Whatever you do to take extra care of your hair, do it. 

As a result, your hair will grow strong, moisturized and healthy. 




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