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HAPPY NEW YEAR, BEBONIA BABES! 2021 was quite a ride, and we are ready to tackle 2022 head-on. We don’t know about you, but we are ready for some changes. We’re big fans of spicing things up with new hairstyles, but it can be hard to determine just what to get. Do we go big & bold, or sleek & sexy? To help make the decision, we decided to turn to the stars—both the ones in the sky and the ones on the red carpet! 


In this post you’ll find 12 hot new hair trends to try this year based on your zodiac sign. Tell us in the comments section which style you got, and if you’ll actually give it a try in 2022!


Aries are known for their ambition, honesty, bravery, optimism, and their bold love for adventure. That’s why we think something gutsy, like a bright color or an eye-catching undercut, would be perfect for this fire sign. 


Skai Jackson is gorgeous and confident in a cotton-candy colored wig—and she’s an Aries! The best part about a wig like this is that it’s an easy way to switch up your look and add a pop of color.


Image: gettyimages 



The curly pixie is very trendy right now, and Joey King wears hers beautifully. 

Image: Instagram, @allanface 


Aries Celebs: Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Skai Jackson, America Ferrera, Paul Rudd, Chance the Rapper




Represented by the bull, Tauruses are diligent, dependable, stubborn, and graceful. They present themselves with an air of regality, which is why we think a polished, sculpted wave is perfect for Tauruses this year. 



Taurus Jessica Alba’s locks look smooth and gorgeous in this refined, smooth, wavy style. 

Image: people.com



While Emma Stone isn’t a Taurus, she enhances her natural color with these lovely, sculpted waves.

Image: thehairstyler.com


Taurus Celebrities: Lizzo, Jessica Alba, Janet Jackson, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jojo Siwa



Ahhh, the Gemini. Represented in the zodiac by twins, Geminis are flexible, clever, intelligent, perceptive, and often have hidden sides. By day, they might be introverted and quiet but by night, their dual nature comes out to play! Because of this, we picked an asymmetrical cut for Geminis to give them a little bit of both worlds–short and long.



The OG Gemini, Norma Jean A.K.A Marilyn Monroe is an absolute beauty with this wavy, asymmetrical/unbalanced cut. 

Image: hellogiggles.com



Priyanka Chopra takes this asymmetrical lob to a whole new level. Her loose, romantic waves accentuate the haircut and frame her face beautifully. 

Image: Steve Granitz, Getty Images


Gemini Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Alanis Morisette, Laverne Cox, Tom Holland



If you’ve ever known a Cancer, then you know that they’re loyal, protective, intuitive, and probably the most caring people you’ll ever meet. We used one of the most well-known Cancers today—Ariana Grande—as inspiration for this style. Her sleek, high ponytail is her signature and we love the fact that you can wear this hairstyle with either straight or curly hair. (We even have a product to help you get a gorgeous curly ponytail!)



Ariana Grande, Queen of the high ponytail 👑

Image: byrdie.com



A curly drawstring ponytail can help you achieve the sleek/curly ponytail of your dreams.

Image: Bebonia.com 


Cancer Celebrities: Solange Knowles, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Robin Williams


Let’s face it: everyone loves a Leo. Their big, bold personalities light up a room and draw a crowd. Leos are dramatic, self-confident, creative, and alluring—it’s nearly impossible not to like them. Such a dominant personality demands an attention-grabbing hairstyle—that’s why we picked big, bold, beautiful curls to crown these queens (and kings!).



Leo Jennifer Lopez is radiant surrounded by her gorgeous mane. 

Image: thehairstyler.com



While she’s not a Leo, she is a curly-haired goddess. Borrow a page from Shakira’s book, you Leo lady, and let those curls go wild.

Image: Pinterest


Leo Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delvigne, Jason Mamoa, Halle Berry, Demi Lovato


If you don’t immediately know what Virgos are about, there’s a reason for it—Virgos are one of the most self-effacing, kind, and humble of the zodiac signs. For the Virgos, we chose loose, romantic, “girl-next-door” waves. They’re low maintenance and practical—just like Virgos.



You’d think a big personality like Beyoncé would be a Leo or a Scorpio, but she’s actually a Virgo! Bey is known for her style, and we love these long, loose waves. 

Image: Steve Granitz for Wire Image


Virgo Celebrities: Beyonce, Blake Lively, Keke Palmer, Zendaya, P!nk, Billy Porter



Libras are represented by a set of scales, because they are all about balance ⚖️ Libras are known for being friendly, extroverted, and are especially concerned with keeping peace and harmony. Your Libra friend is likely the one who “sees both sides” or “plays devil’s advocate.” For our lovely Libras, we chose a hairstyle to help them achieve that harmony—a simple half-up, half down to give them the sense of balance they crave. 



Angelina Jolie’s locks look lovely in this low-maintenance half-up, half-down style. 

Image: prettydesigns.com



Jessica Chastain achieves the perfect balance with her loose, wavy half-up, half-down style. These hairstyles are soooo easy to achieve: simply pull half of your hair back, secure it with a clip or other hair accessory, and you’re good to go. You can pull some face-framing pieces and let them hang loose, and use some wavy hair extensions for extra length or volume! 

Image: popsugaruk.com


Libra Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars, Serena Williams, Halsey, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez



If you know a Scorpio, you KNOW A SCORPIO. Like its namesake, Scorpios tend to be, ah, passionate and feisty. They’re also persistent and determined, and will probably be the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. To match that spicy personality, we suggest something edgy like a fauxhawk, undercut, or a full-on shaved/buzzed head. 



Katy Perry is a Scorpio, which is unsurprising considering the amount of bold hairstyles she has sported over the years! This bright blonde undercut gives us major Scorpio vibes and is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to make a statement.

Image: Stephane Cardinale, Corbis



Scorpio Willow Smith pairs her bold cut with even bolder makeup, and we are here for it. This style isn’t for the faint of heart, which is exactly what makes it the perfect fit for Scorpios. 

Image: Jerritt Clark, Getty Images


Scorpio Celebrities: Tracee Ellis Ross, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Ryan Gosling, Willow Smith



Sagittarians are, by nature, independent, adaptable, curious, and they like to take risks. One risky style we are absolutely loving right now is the trendy curly bangs look. For curly-headed people, bangs have been a no-no since, well, forever—but that’s no longer the case. Curly bangs are in, but only for those willing to tackle them!



We forever stan curly-haired goddess Zendaya. She pulls this polarizing trend off flawlessly, framing her beautiful face with not only a mop of curls but curly bangs to match!

Image: Frazier Harrison, Getty Images



Sandra Oh’s loose, chocolate waves pair beautifully with her curly bangs. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to this look, but want to give curly bangs a try, check out our method for faking curly bangs using a set of Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions!

Sagittarius Celebrities: Miley Cyrus, Hailey Bieber, Zoe Kravitz, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt


Capricorns are the ones who get **** done: they’re ambitious, persistent, and disciplined. They’re also very practical and stubborn, and are likely to be the one you turn to when you need good advice. Capricorns are known for being a stickler for the rules, so for these GOATs, we offer a challenge in the new year: let your hair down—literally—with this sleek + curly style, inspired by Capricorn Issa Rae.



Issa Rae shines in this face-framing sleek + curly style. It’s like business in the front and party in the back. 

Image: startraksphoto.com



Here’s Issa again wearing a similar style—but for this one, she’s added a little extra something on the top with a pinned-back braid on top. Absolutely stunning!

Image: Pinterest


Capricorn Celebrities: Timothee Chalamet, Dove Cameron, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Issa Rae



🎶 This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius! 🎶 Your Aquarius friend is probably the eccentric one. Aquarians are best known for their humanitarian, free-flowing, and eccentric natures… but did you know that they can also be very assertive and analytical when need be? For these water gods and goddesses, we picked flowing, beachy waves to complement their free-spirited nature. 


Traits: Assertive, analytical, eccentric, humanitarian

Hairstyle: Beachy waves



Aquarius Elizabeth Olsen plays the fiery Scarlet Witch, but in real life she embraces her Aquarian nature with these beautiful, soft waves. 

Image: Pinterest



Megan Thee Stallion is well-known for her controversial song lyrics and eye-catching hairstyles—but here, she beautifully wears a softer, more subdued hairstyle with gorgeous raven locks flowing down her shoulders and back. 

Image: Erin Voake, Getty Images


Aquarius Celebrities: Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Yara Shahidi, Elizabeth Olsen



Last (but certainly not least) on our list, we have the Pisces. Pisces folks are known for their sensitivity and empathy—when you need a shoulder to cry on, they’re the one you likely turn to. Pisces are also incredibly artistic and creative, so for them we settled on a hairstyle with curtain bangs. This hairstyle is a throwback to the 70s and fits well with a Pisces’ artistic, creative nature.



Pisces Rhianna wears her curtain bangs with a casual updo, but curtain bangs have been seen paired with hairstyles of all lengths: long lobs, short bobs, and much more. 

Image: Steve Granitz, Getty Images

Pisces Celebrities: Millie Bobby Brown, Rhianna, Eliot Page, Simone Biles


Tell us in the comments: Which zodiac sign are you, and will you try one of the hairstyles we suggested? Tag us on Instagram using #BeboniaBabe so we can see what the stars have in store for you in 2022!

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