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When it comes to our favorite holidays, Halloween is way up there. Whether you’re going for a haunted look or an elegant dream, there’s no better time to channel your inner creativity. Check out some of our favorite inspirational curly Halloween hairstyle ideas below—you'll want to grab your curly hair extensions for lots of these!

Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Curly Hair 

Halloween Curly Hairstyle 1: Shakira


halloween hairstyle


Shakira’s hit-filled career has cemented her as a cultural icon. Her epic hair just makes us love her even more. For almost two decades, this songstress has been rocking her long, voluminous locks. If you’re looking for a long blonde hair costume, look no further than this “Hips Don’t Lie” excellence. 

A mousse will be key for this look, as you’re going to want both hold and volume. Your go-to? A water based mousse - which is perfect for your natural hair and any extensions you may need. Starting with wet hair, rake the product through the strands, then scrunch! 

If you're a little short in the length department for this look, chin up, babe! You can still rock the Shakira look by using curly clip-in hair extensions


Halloween Curly Hairstyle 2: Hermione Granger 




This Halloween, you too can be a potion-brewing, spell-casting legend. To achieve this look, grab your brush or pick and get to work: Hermione’s signature mane was always known for being “frizzy” - aka you’re going to need to tease your hair. But be careful, when done improperly, teasing can cause damage. Here’s what to keep in mind: Don’t pull too hard, lift from the roots, and gently tease until you’ve achieved Hermione’s iconic bushy mane. 

This is another style that you can achieve using curly hair extensions if you don't have quite enough length to pay homage to the brightest witch of her age. ;) 


Halloween Curly Hairstyle 3: Wonder Woman


Halloween costumes


This costume is a classic - but it’s still totally on trend (especially since the next movie is due out soon). And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear a tiara? 

To create the hair for this look, you’ll want a volumizing shampoo to really ramp it up. Tease your hair a lot in the crown area so that your well-deserved Wonder Woman tiara sits well. Then use bobby pins to keep your hair and crown in place. A set of Spiral curly human hair extensions in Jet Black would add the perfect amount of length and volume to this look. 


Halloween Curly Hairstyle 4: Mermaid


mermaid hairstyle


After being stuck inside for most of 2020, being a goddess of the sea for a day sounds pretty great right now. This costume incorporates so many amazing things: Jewel tones, oceanic elements, and a beautiful flowing mane. 

If you don’t quite have the length for a full on curl cascade, your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions can help you get there (Check out this tutorial for reference). Once installed, you can adorn your curly locks with sea-inspired clips (bonus points if you make them yourself).




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