How to Use Curly Hair Extensions With Thin Hair

When people think of naturally curly hair, they often think that one size fits all… but we curly babes know that isn’t true. Curly hair comes in all shapes, lengths, colors, and textures. Many curly-headed people have coarse or dense hair, but there are others whose texture is fine or thin. (These are two different things, by the way. Here’s how to determine your hair’s thickness and density.)


If you have fine or thin hair, you might think that you can’t wear curly hair extensions to enhance your natural curls. Maybe you’re worried that the wefts will show or that they will overwhelm your natural curls—but that’s just not the case, babe! Check out our tips, tricks, and hacks for wearing your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions with fine or thin hair. 


Find Your Perfect Set of Curly Extensions

First thing’s first: you want to make sure that you are choosing the perfect set of curly human hair extensions. Bebonia’s curly clip-in hair extensions come in three textures (Spiral, Curly, and Ringlet), three lengths (16”, 18”, and 22”), and two weights (220 grams and 110 grams). The length and weight of your curly clip-in hair extensions play a huge role in getting a beautiful blend with your natural curls. 

If you aren’t sure how to find the right match, contact our Support team—we’ll help you pick the perfect curly extensions. 


hair extensions for fine hair

Curly Extension Styling Tips 

Another thing to consider when successfully using extensions that are curly and clip in with fine or thin hair is how you style the extensions. Style your curly clip-in hair extensions before clipping them in. Styling them while they’re installed can lead to tugging and pulling, which can knock your curly hair extensions out of place if your hair is fine or thin. It’s also so much easier to style your curly extensions when they’re not installed. 


If your hair is super fine (like, baby fine), try teasing or using hairspray to prevent your curly extensions from slipping. (Don’t tease them too much, though—they’re sensitive. ;) )


Finally, consider taking your curly hair extensions to your favorite stylist. They can cut, color, and customize your extensions to match your fine hair for a more natural look.


hair extensions for thin hair

Curly Clip-In Extension Installation Tips

Once you’ve found the right Bebonias and have them styled to perfection, the next step makes some fine-haired babes a little nervous: installation. When clipping your curly extensions in, play around with the placement—it’s important to install the wefts in strategic places so they blend in properly and so the wefts don’t show. Experiment with installing your curly extensions in different places until you find the sweet spot that allows your extensions to blend well with your natural curls and fully cover the wefts. 


With fine or thin hair, focus the larger wefts (these have 3-4 clips) at the bottom of your head. Double-stacking is a great hack for fitting all of the wefts at the bottom of your head. This is especially important if your hair is thinning at the crown—installing wefts too close to a thinning crown will definitely make the wefts stick out. Don’t clip your extensions too close to the scalp—this stops any tension and allows movement with your hair. It also prevents your scalp from feeling tender once you’ve removed your curly extensions. 


Don’t feel pressured to use all of the curly hair extension wefts in your set. With fine or thin hair, a little goes a long way! You can see beautiful results with just a few wefts—everyone is different.


best type of hair extensions for fine hair

Finally, avoid sleeping with your extensions in. We know it’s tempting to just flop into bed after a long night out, but sleeping with your curly hair extensions still installed is a recipe for disaster—especially if you have thin hair. Because we tend to move around in our sleep, sleeping with your curly extensions clipped in can cause unnecessary breakage from accidentally tugging on the extensions while you sleep.


Wavy hair extensions


As you can see, you can rock a set of curly hair extensions, even with fine or thin hair. Our goal is to imbue every curly-headed human with the confidence to embrace their natural hair texture. So no matter if your hair is fine or coarse; thin or dense, we can help you find the perfect set of curly extensions for you. Make sure to tag us on Instagram using #BeboniaBabe so we can see your breathtaking before and after photos! 


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