Why a Shower Cap is a Curly Girls Must Have

The shower cap gets a bad rap. Generally when people think of it they imagine that boring clear necessity in the corner of every hotel bathroom. But curly haired humans know just how essential this tool is, and, more importantly, just how versatile. And if you don’t, we’re here to catch you up on all your options. You wouldn’t believe the amount of things this little ring of plastic + elastic can do! Plus, if you’re feeling like sprucing up your routine, there are tons of options for cute shower caps that’ll make you feel like a million bucks. 


Let’s talk about our favorite multi tasking necessity: The shower cap. Read on for options.


1) Wet plop 

If you have somehow missed the trend taking Instagram, TikTok and pretty much the whole internet by storm, allow us to catch you up on the wet plop. Originally born on NaturallyCurly forums, the technique is an amazing way to keep your hair defined, frizz free and gorgeous through styling. Simply plop all of your hair together after applying your products and before you air dry or diffuse. 


The wet plop is most commonly used with a t-shirt or cotton towel, but Bebonia Babe and all around hair goddess HiF3licia is a big fan of using a shower cap to lock in her definition instead.



2) Deep condition

The ultimate key in every curly girl’s toolkit, deep conditioning is a must. It’s vital for those of us experiencing breakage, dry hair, or those who use a little color on our locks. We’re big fans of BiancaReneeToday’s deep condition challenge, encouraging all of us to keep our curls hydrated and gorgeous weekly. Deep conditioning is a great way to practice self care, and transform curls into lifelong beauties. 


Of course, it’s pretty difficult to keep all of your hair in the state it needs without our good friend the shower cap. Extra points if you pop a heated cap on top to really give your hair all the hydration it craves. 


Bebonia extensions also respond really well to deep conditioning, especially with heat. 

Shower caps


3) Protect your hair in the shower 

This one might seem obvious, but it’s so key. Whether you’re coming from a workout or just at the end of a long day, there’s no need to completely redo a wash day. Let the shower cap help you out: Pop it on and refresh your curls the next day! 


4) Keep those locks away from your gorgeous face

Shower cap

If you’ve just jumped out of the shower, there’s nothing more annoying than drops coming off of your hair while you try to apply your makeup or get dressed. A shower cap is perfect to fix this issue, especially this Kitsch reusable option, which gives a real hold around the hairline. This is also a great way to kill two birds with one stone: Plop your hair while you get the rest of the look ready for the day! 


5) Hair extension protection and storage 

Another great way to use our favorite tool is with your Bebonias. Bebonia extensions can be put in a shower cap to soak up conditioner just like your regular hair, and can also be stored in a cap so that everything is all in one place. 

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