3 Curly Hair Hacks You Need To Try | Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions

Looking for max glam with minimal effort? We've tested and approved these handy hair hacks using Bebonia curly hair extensions. Learn how to create a long curly ponytail, curly bangs, and a curly braided headband.


Hair Hack #1: Super Long Curly Pony

Get ready to create the ultimate ponytail with this step-by-step guide! Double up on two 22" Bebonia Drawstring Ponytails in Natural Black and create this style in under 15 minutes. A pony is the perfect playful hairstyle to jump into any occasion. Don't forget to give your ponies a good wash and style before you begin! 


How to create the ultimate curly ponytail:

Step 1: Section your hair into three layers, moving the top layers out of the way.

Step 2: Secure the bottom layer into a bun then securely attach your first drawstring ponytail. Deeply embed the combs of the ponytail into your bun for a secure hold. Then tighten the drawstring to fully secure the ponytail extensions. Then, hide the drawstring by wrapping it around the base of the pony, and then taking a curl and wrapping that over the string and the base of the pony.

Step 3: Grab the next section of hair and repeat steps 1-2, creating a bun and then attaching another drawstring pony.

Step 4: Secure the final layer of your hair into a pony, using a hair tie or bungee hair cord.

Step 5: Blend the ponies together by misting and finger coiling curls as needed.

And voila! Your super pony is ready for the rodeo 💪


Hair Hack #2: Faux Curly Bangs

All the cuteness minus the commitment! This curly faux bangs hair hack using Curly Slip-on Extensions in Natural Black is one of our personal faves. In this video, we share a super fun way to achieve curly bangs without a visit to your stylist. Using just one weft of Bebonia curly slip-ons, you can create this trendy look in just a few simple steps. It’s perfect for creating a style that you can wear absolutely anywhere! Let's get started!


How to create the best faux curly bangs:

Insider Tip: Wash and style your extensions first for best results.


Step 1: Section the hair where you want to create your bangs

Step 2: Grab your 2-clip weft and clip it in upside down

Step 3: Pin your bangs up to conceal the weft and make them shorter using hair pins. This doesn't have to be neat as we will hide the pins later with a headband! 

Step 4: Next, grab your headband and pull it up to where you flattened the weft with pins. We're using a headband but you can use any accessory or hairstyle of your choice.

There you have it! Beautiful bangs without the cut ✂️


Hair Hack #3: Braided Curly Headband

You're going to swoon over how quick and easy it is to achieve a braided headband hairstyle using 22" Curly Clip-in Extensions in Chestnut. Our video tutorial will show you how to effortlessly achieve this trendy look!

How to create a chic curly braided headband:

Insider Tip: You'll need two 2-clip wefts to achieve this look.

Step 1: Braid the 2-clip wefts from top to bottom and secure with a small hair rubber band. Gently widen the braids by pulling the sides. 

Step 2: Clip the first weft behind your right ear and lay it across your head to the left side. Secure with hair pins. Repeat on the left side to create two braided headbands.

Step 3: Adjust any loose curls around the braids to cover the pins for a polished finish.

Ta-da! Next level styling achieved 

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