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About Us

Ridiculously Beautiful Curls!


At Bebonia, we believe in embracing the power of natural curls.   Our mission is to give you a healthier, damage-free path to your hair goals. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our calling is to help people love their natural self. We focus on providing the highest quality human curly hair extensions. We're excited to simplify a curly girls hair routine with our simple clip, flip and go technique. 


Our Story

The idea for Bebonia Curls was born in 2017 when curly gal, Soleil, had an "aha!" moment. It was clear that there were no curly clip-in hair extension options for women who wanted to accentuate their look. Her personal experience and struggles with falling in love with her curls paved the way for Soleil to create an amazing collection of curls with a twist!   

Bebonia made its debut and curly hair hasn’t been the same since! 


Where Does the Name "Bebonia" Come From?

 Bebonia- has a name that was inspired by the word Beba which means baby in Spanish. 


Our Essence

At our core, Bebonia operates on Individuality, Inclusivity, & Impact. We strive to empower women to rise above any challenge. 

 Our Vibe

At Bebonia, we make magic. We dream it and then do it—together—everyday by reinventing what's possible.  No more hair envy; join us on our journey to make every day a fabulous hair day. 




Bebonia is on a mission to spread love, support and confidence to women.  We believe that we can and we will!

- Soleil

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