Are You Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Are you wondering why your curly hair extensions aren’t blending with your natural hair? There’s a chance that you may be making some minor mistakes that will make a major difference! If you’d like to keep this beauty booster a secret, we recommend making some alterations to your curly clip-in hair extension styling method to achieve a flawless look.  Luckily, they are easy fixes!

Common Mistakes When Using Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

1. You're Not Separating Your Curly Hair Extensions' Curls

When you finally receive your new curly human hair extensions, you might get so excited that you immediately snap them in, just to face extreme disappointment that they don’t look amazing. Don’t get ahead of yourself! Just like natural curls, hair extensions for curly hair need some TLC before they are ready to go. The curls in a new set of curly hair extensions are very defined and have a perfect pattern. We recommend separating and fluffing the curls out with your fingers.

2. You Aren't Trimming or Layering Your Curly Hair Extensions

A key part of seamlessly combining hair extensions that are curly and clip in  into your natural hair is to trim or layer them to match your current cut. This technique will get you your true desired shape. Most natural curly hair extensions that clip in come with blunt ends, so we suggest taking your curly hair extensions to your stylist and asking for a dry cut with them in. This helps blend your curly clip-in hair extensions with your hair. If you aren't sure where to put them back in, number your curly extensions so that you know exactly where you should put them in later.

3. You Aren't Distributing Your Curly Hair Extensions Evenly

Make sure to clip in the curly hair extensions evenly on each side of your head to avoid gaps. If your hair is short and you are adding long hair extensions for curly hair, this is especially important to disguise the difference between your hair and the curly extensions. If you decide to clip in more curly hair on one side over the other, it may not look even.

4. You Aren't Refreshing Your Curly Human Hair Extensions

If your curly hair extensions are tangled or look frizzy, we recommend refreshing them by spraying them with water and applying a leave-in conditioner to tame the flyaway hairs. To reactivate your curly extensions' curl definition, add a bit of style crème. After the curly extensions are dry, fluff it out to give it your desired style.

5. You're Skipping a Weekly Deep Condition

Curly clip-in human hair extensions need just as much love as your natural curls—and they often need a little extra help. While you might think you don’t need to deep condition your curly hair extensions, they actually need vitamins, minerals, moisture, and protein as much as our natural hair does. In fact, curly extensions need extra love and care because they aren’t receiving nutrition from your body or natural oils from your scalp. Next time you do a deep conditioning treatment to your own natural hair, don’t skip out some extra beauty time for your curly human hair extensions.



If you've been making these 5 curly hair extension mistakes, don't worry! It's never too late to mend your ways. Follow our guide and your curly clip-in hair extensions will stick with you for a long time!

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