Autumn Accessories We Love

We’re well into October, and loving it. There’s a nip in the air, leaves are changing, and humidity no longer a factor 🙌.  Now is the time to lean into up and down dos, and, of course, beautiful accessories. But anyone with curly, textured hair knows that accessories can be tricky. Sometimes they slip out far too easily, other times they get caught in a major snag.  We’re here to help you to dive into practical, versatile and beautiful Autumn hairstyles. Check out some fabulous fall hair ideas we love below. 


1. Head scarves


Whether you’re headed to work or a pumpkin patch, head scarves are one of the easiest fall looks to rock. A headscarf can function as a great accessory to add to a curly ponytail, spruce up a regular pineapple hairstyle, or you can even go full Rosie the Riveter and rock curly hair with a bandana. It’s a vibe - and we’re here for it.   

Pro tip: To make sure the look feels festive for fall, pick a rich autumn color - and keep a close eye on what the fabric is made from. As glorious as scarves are, they can be dangerous for curls - some fabrics like cotton can suck the moisture right out of your hair. Make sure to choose one made from a slip-friendly fabric, like silk or satin. Both of these  will work to both preserve your hair and fight future unwanted frizz.


2. Hair combs


The big advantage to hair combs is that they allow for a pop of color while not completely overpowering a look. They also give a vintage glamour that’s perfect for a brisk fall day. And unlike our straight-haired friends, they’re unlikely to slip from our tresses. Just make sure you’re gentle on your curls while putting this accessory in, and equally important, make sure to go slow when removing. If it gets caught, slowly remove one curl at a time, and if needed spray your curls down with water or a light weight detangler.


3. Hair barrettes or clips 


The 90s had a lot to love, and thankfully one of our favorite elements is having a revival. Barrettes and clips are versatile, beautiful, and a great way to spruce up any fall style. Especially when you add multiples to create fun designs and patterns.  

The key here is that we don’t want to run into curly hair snags. Though rhinestones shine, for example, they’re sure to snag on those luscious locks. If you’re looking to avoid this, opt for styles with smooth surfaces. But if you can’t help but reach for the more dazzling options, consider combing and hair spraying your curls down before adding the clip. This should help minimize flyaways and tangles. Then when you’re ready to call it a day, make sure to utilize a detangler to remove the clips safely.


4. Hair Crowns 


We know you’re royalty. You know you’re royalty. Let’s show the world why we call our curls crowns by adding, well, a literal crown on top. Hair crowns are a great way to showcase your style while also keeping your hair out of your face. Think of them as a next level headband. You could go for flowers, beads, or even a fall leaf crown. Browse Etsy or other sites for ideas - the best part with this is you can create one yourself or shop to help support a small maker. We don’t know about you, but we’ve been lusting after Loschy’s crowns for quite some time. 


5. Autumn Hat 


You might have looked twice at that, and we get it: Beanies and baseball hats for fall used to be a luxury available exclusively to our straight and wavy haired friends. But with the help of some enterprising goddesses, you can now find silk and satin lined autumn hats to pair with a chunky scarf and peacoat.  

If you have enough hair to fit directly under a silk lined cap, then you’re all set! But if you’re blessed with more volume, you could try to utilize some well placed bobby pins to keep the accessory in place.  Personally, we’re partial to the beautiful satin lined cap (or “slap”) from Grace Eleyae below. 

We can’t wait to see your beautiful fall looks! Tag us on Instagram at #BeboniaBabe. 

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