Types of Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions come in a variety of types, each with its unique charm and character. Whether you're looking to add volume, length, or a new style to your beautiful locks, there's a curly extension type that's perfect for you. When searching for curly hair extensions you’re bound to come across a variety of options from halo hair extensions, to clip-in hair extensions, slip-on hair extensions, crown hair extensions, remy hair extensions, and beyond. Today we’ll explore the different types of extensions and what to look for.  

Can you get extensions for curly hair?

Yes! Curly hair extensions are any easy way to instantly transform your curls adding length and volume. Curly hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures, and colors. 

What extension method is best for curly hair? 

There are a variety of hair extension types on the market. If you want a seamless blend with your curly hair it’s important to always look for real remy human hair extensions, this is because this hair is more easy to manipulate - you can adjust the curl method through styling methods like the finger coil or scrunch styling technique. And if you have multiple tones and textures in your hair, having real human hair extensions means you can have them dyed to match your color perfectly.

What are the different types of Curly Hair Extensions?

The different types of curly hair extensions are:

Clip-In Extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions have long been favored by individuals seeking a quick and flexible solution for transforming their appearance. These feature multiple wefts of hair of varying widths with small clips attached. Clips are secured to your natural hair at the root.

  • Customizable Length and Volume: Clip-ins offer the flexibility to choose when and how you want to wear them. Whether you're looking to add subtle volume or dramatic length, these extensions can be strategically placed for a customized look.
  • DIY-Friendly: Applying clip-ins is a straightforward process that doesn't require professional assistance. With a bit of practice, anyone can master the art of clipping in extensions, making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy experimenting with their look at home.
  • Temporary Transformation: Clip-ins can be easily removed at the end of the day, allowing you to switch up your style as often as you desire. This temporary nature makes them suitable for special occasions or those who prefer variety in their everyday appearance.


Before And After Curly Hair Extensions Transformation


Crown / Halo Extensions:

The halo hair extension is a game-changer for individuals looking to add length and volume without the hassle of permanent installation. As the name suggests, this type of extension features a halo-shaped wire with hair attached.

Here's what sets halo extensions apart:

  • Ease of Application: Halo extensions are renowned for their user-friendly design. Simply place the halo on top of your head, just below the crown, and let the natural fall of your hair cover the wire. It's a one-step process that takes mere minutes, making it perfect for those on the go.
  • Comfort and Versatility: The absence of clips, tapes, or bonding agents ensures a comfortable and lightweight experience. Halo extensions are also versatile, allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles without committing to a permanent change.
  • No Damage to Natural Hair: Unlike some other extension types, halos do not involve any adhesive or clips that could potentially damage your natural hair. This makes them an excellent choice for those who prioritize the health of their locks.


Slip-On Hair Extensions

Slip-On hair extensions, share some similarities with halo and crown extensions but have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Let's explore the unique features of slip-on extensions:

  • Innovative Design: Slip-on extensions feature a weft of hair attached to a thin, invisible wire. The wire is placed around the head, just like a halo, but with a slightly different mechanism. The weft is secured in place with built-in clips. The wire sits closer to the hairline, creating a seamless and natural look. 
  • Quick Application: Similar to halo extensions, slip-ons offer a swift application process. Slide the extension over your head, adjust the wire, and let your natural hair fall over it. The result is a seamless blend that mimics the natural flow of your hair.
  • Stability and Security: The placement of the wire in slip-on extensions and clips attached to the main weft ensures a secure fit that stays in place throughout the day. This makes them suitable for various sports and dancing activities without worrying about displacement.

What types of extensions are best for your curls depends on a few factors:

  • Your curl type
    You’ll want to look for curly hair extensions that match your curl pattern aka your natural curl texture. It’s important to note that while extensions can be styled differently to make curls appear looser or tighter, it’s easiest to start with an extension set that matches your natural curl pattern. Bebonia offers three curl patterns: spiral (best for type 2a-2c), curly (best for 3a and 3b), and ringlet (best for 3c and 4a). 
  • Your current hair length
    Curly hair extensions can be used to create length very quickly, but depending on the length you’re starting from you’ll want to select different extension types. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length we recommend opting for Clip-In extensions as these are easier to blend. See our guide on how to blend curly clip-in extensions in short hair. If your hair is longer than shoulder length you can opt for Slip-On or Clip-In extensions to create length and still have a seamless blend.
  • The thickness and density of your curls
    Depending on the thickness of your hair clip-ins or slip-ons may be more appropriate. Because Slip-On extensions primarily create length and volume via one large weft, this can often be more difficult to blend on thinner hair types. However Clip-In sets which feature a variety of weft sizes can be easier to work with. If you have thicker hair either option will work well. 
  • How often you want to wear your extensions
    Slip-On extensions are great for daily wear as they can be installed in under 5 minutes. Clip-In extensions take longer to install - usually 15-25 minutes, but they get faster as you practice. 
  • How you plan to style your extensions
    Hair extensions can be used to create a wide variety of curly hairstyles. Slip-On extensions offer versatility and the ability to add instant volume. Clip-In extensions allow you to add a lot of hair or a little, offering maximum versatility and a wide variety of styling choices. 
    Difference between Clip-In and Slip-On Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions

    How long do curly hair extensions last?

    The lifespan of Bebonia extensions is determined by how well they are taken care of, what products are used on them, and how often they are worn. Usually, the lifespan of Bebonia extensions is 3-6 months. However, they can last for up to a year or longer, depending on the general care they receive.


    Choosing the right hair extension type depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and desired level of commitment. Halo hair extensions provide a no-fuss, non-damaging solution with a focus on simplicity and comfort. Clip-In extensions offer versatility and DIY convenience, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly. Slip-On extensions, with their innovative design and secure fit, provide a seamless and stable option for those seeking a natural appearance.

    Ultimately, the world of hair extensions offers a diverse range of choices, each catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you opt for the elegant simplicity of a halo, the versatility of clip-ins, or the seamless sophistication of slip-ons, the key is to find the extension type that aligns with your style goals and enhances your natural beauty.

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