Curly Extension Care: Everything You Need to Know

Curly Extension Care: Everything You Need to Know


Your extensions should look gorgeous - and last as long as possible. But for this to be possible, proper care is critical. 

The good news? Since Bebonia Curly Hair Extensions are made from Remy human hair, they can be styled and washed just like your regular hair. 


But there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • The more you wash style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so, just like with your wash and go - you’ll want to try and prolong each style as long as you can. 
  • If you use any kind of heat, your extensions are prone to the damage as your natural hair. 
  • Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions don’t benefit from scalp oils, they have no natural hydration source. So you’ve got to keep them hydrated with hair products.


Get started with our most important lessons: 

  • How To Wash Curly Clip In Extensions
  • The Best (and Worst) Products for Hair Extensions
  • Preventing Tangles, Reducing Shedding, and Avoiding Matting
  • How to Store Hair Extensions




How To Wash Curly Clip In Extensions




Let's Get Started:


Step 1: Determine if your Bebonia’s need a refresh or a full wash.  Just like your natural hair, when you see your curls are slightly frizzy but still defined - there’s no need to do a full wash - you can simply refresh. You know it’s time to wash when you've worn your extensions a lot and they are no longer defined and full of frizz. 



Step 2: To learn how to refresh your Bebonias. If it’s time to wash your extensions: Start by filling your sink with lukewarm water and a few pumps of your favorite shampoo. We recommend using products that are sulfate, alcohol, and paraben free to prolong the life of the extensions. Place your extensions in the sink one at a time, and use light and gentle strokes from the weft down to the ends to cleanse the hair. This will also help avoid tangling. Then rinse any remaining cleanser with lukewarm water. 




Step 3: Condition. You can use a conditioner or a hair mask. Apply once more from the clip down to the ends. If needed you can detangle the extensions with a wide tooth comb, working from the bottom up with small, gentle strokes. If you’re able to leave the hair overnight to deep condition, do so (keep the extensions contained and out of the way by placing them in a shower cap).




Step 4: Rinse away most of the conditioner (leaving a little bit behind is fine) with cold water - which helps seal the cuticle. 


Step 5: Apply a leave in conditioner and water soluble styler. Gently rake the product through the hair from clip to ends. Then gently scrunch the extensions from the bottom up to encourage the curls. For added curl definition check out our wand method. Lay your set out on a flat surface, ideally on a microfiber towel. Let dry overnight. You can also diffuse your extensions if you want to speed up the process. Then you’re ready to rock your Bebonia’s! 


The Best (and Worst) Products for Hair Extensions

Clean products: See our blog on the Best Drugstore Curly Hair Products Under $10

Worst products: Bleaching/lighting products 




Preventing Tangles + Matting, Reducing Shedding

Tackling Tangles:

The best way to avoid tangles is with a proper wash and set (check out our how to wash guide here).

But there are also a few key steps you can take to minimize damage:

  • Avoid styling methods that can cause excess tangling (like teasing)
  • Avoid swimming with your extensions in
  • Avoid sleeping with your extensions 
  • Avoid aggressive brushing (which can cause shedding) 
  • Use a proper brush (like a Denman detangling brush or wide tooth comb)
  • Store your extensions properly (learn about hair extension storage here)

Sometimes tangling is inevitable, especially after a few wears. If you do find tangles and your extensions are currently installed - don’t panic. Starting from the bottom up, begin to slowly detangle your curls and extensions. If you feel any pull along your scalp from the extensions, gently lift the hair from the bottom to minimize tension, and slowly continue the detangling process. You can fill a spray bottle with equal parts conditioner and water if you need to create extra slip. 

Once the extensions are removed from your head, you can tackle any tangles in the sink with a conditioner. 




How to Store Hair Extensions



When it’s time to store your extensions, pick a cool, dry place. You want to ensure the extensions are not exposed to direct sunlight as UV rays can break down hair, and cause the color to fade. 

Ideally, you’ll want to use a case for storage. We love our Bebonia Storage Bag because it has a satin liner to help prevent frizz and won’t crush the curls. Some other alternatives are a silk pillowcase or a bonnet. Whatever container you choose, make sure you neatly place the extensions, one on top of the other.  Never place extensions in a clump, as they can become entangled. Make sure wherever you place the case, the extensions will not be flattened. 



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