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Curly Hair Color Ideas: Color Inspiration for Fall

Throw on that sweater, cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa, fall is here. And with it comes color change: in the leaves, in your wardrobe, on your nails, but more importantly... for your hair! Nothing has been inspiring the team at Bebonia more than the bold hues our dear curly friends have been rocking. We’ve seen some curly hair dye ideas that have us 😍  The curly community has been flaunting all kinds of trendy shades—from blonde curls to auburn curls and everything in between.  

Now, ahem, we know what some of you might be thinking. If I get my curly hair dyed... what about my curly hair extensions? Don’t panic. No matter what color your curls turn, you can get curly clip-in hair extensions that match. If you have light hair and going darker, you can also team up with your stylist to get the shades just right on your curly hair extensions. If you’re going lighter, consider purchasing a new set to match your new shade, or go a shade lighter. Remember: it’s always best to dye curly hair extensions darker, rather than bleach them to go lighter. (Bleach can damage your curly hair extensions just like your natural hair.)


Curly Hair Dye Ideas: Subtle Red Curly Hair with Orange Hues


If your favorite part of fall is watching the leaves change, then consider the hues your newest source of inspiration. A deep, brown with subtle red or orange hues lets you stand out from the crowd but keeps the look professional. Just check out @natasha_sarts bold look:


curly hair dyed


Curly Hair Dye Ideas: Golden Auburn 

Give us a second to catch our breath and then we can talk about this auburn magnificence on @kristavinsick?! This look would pair perfectly with a scarf and warm fall colors:


natural curls

Curly Hair Dye Ideas: Honey Blonde Curly Hair

This rich blonde color is a perfect fit for your fall transformation. Just as sweet as the honey it’s named after, it’s a great fit for every skin tone, as #BeboniaBabe @aja.carillo shows off with her honey blonde Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions. 


Blonde curly hair


Curly Hair Dye Ideas: Dark Brown Curly Hair

 A deep, chocolate brown is always a classic. Bebonia babe @devrivelazquez here, proves it. The color instantly warms her features and makes any outfit look richer. 


curly hair color ideas


 Curly Hair Dye Ideas: Platinum Blonde Curly Hair  

 We don’t know if blondes have more fun, but this color sure does look seem to suggest it. While most people think summer is the time to lighten their locks, winter is actually better. Why? When you’re not in the pool or at the beach, there’s less factors that can corrupt the color. It stays pristine because you’re staying clear of color-changing chemicals like chlorine. @style_dose’s striking platinum locks, look natural and voluminous, and are giving us some Game of Thrones vibes (...ahem, Winter is coming, like actually).


curly hair color ideas



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