How to Dry Curly Hair Extensions After Washing



How to Dry Curly Hair Extensions After Washing

Air drying, for those of us curly girls who do it, is a beautiful thing. No frizz. No heat damage. The dream. But in the winter, that doesn’t work so well.

If you’re one of those curly girls whose hair takes 12 business days to dry, the winter can be a real challenge. And trust us, we’ve all been there. You spend a couple of hours on the perfect wash day, all ready to be a winter goddess. By the time you get to the grocery store, you’re rocking a terrifying and painful mask of semi curls, semi Medusa icicles—and they never set quite right. Maybe it’s time to try diffusing. 


Dry Curly Hair Extensions With Microfiber Towels

A microfiber towel is your best friend this winter when it comes to drying curly hair. If you’re not already in the know about this magical moisture-wicking game changer, we’re so excited to tell you about it. The humble microfiber towel is a must, because it allows you to absorb moisture from your curls without damaging them (the fibers are much gentler than your average terrycloth number). Plus, scrunching with microfiber helps with curl clumping and definition. And if you needed yet another reason to love this perfect little curl companion: It also adds the extra benefit of allowing your roots to dry at full volume, since they won’t be weighed down by excess moisture while drying. 

A microfiber towel works wonders on your natural curls, but it's also going to be your curly hair extensions' best friend. Drying your curly clip-in hair extensions with a microfiber towel comes with all of the same benefits that drying your natural curls does: less frizz, quicker dry time, and beautiful curl clumps. 


Diffuse Curls Upside-Down 

We love an air dry as much as the next curly girl, but with temperatures dropping, it may not be an option anymore. If you’re normally diffuser-resistant, never fear! Diffusing curls upside down is a god send. What you’re going to want to do is cup the ends of your hair into the diffuser, then gently move your diffuser upwards. Never focus too long on any area of your curls to prevent overheating. The great news is that diffusing upside down can seriously help maximize volume.

If you're using curly human hair extensions, you can still air dry in the winter—just be sure to leave your curly extension wefts on a flat surface (on a microfiber towel is a great idea!). You can also use a diffuser to speed up the process of drying your curly clip-in hair extensions. First lay them flat and gently let your diffuser rise and fall. Using some gorgeous Bebonia curly extensions?  


Alternate Between Warm and Cool Air When Drying Curly Hair (Or Curly Hair Extensions)

Warm temperatures are great for sealing the hair cuticle and helping to reinforce a beautiful curl shape. But alternating heat is a must to keep your curls healthy and to really know where you are in the drying process.

Pro tip: Never use the hot setting on your blow dryer. This is a luxury afforded only to our straight haired sisters, and will fry your curls. Stick to the warm or cool options curl friends. Same goes for your curly extensions!


Hooded Dryers

Wishing you could multitask while your curls take their sweet time to dry? It might be worth investing in a hooded dryer. Hooded dryers allow your hair to go straight from wash to dry in record time. Not to mention they’re great for deep conditioning at home, and can even be placed over your curly hair extensions to make the drying process totally hands free. 

We hope you’re ready to take those curls out into the world! Did we miss any curly drying tips? Let us know in the comments. 

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