Back to School Styles

2020 has already been one for the books. With summer coming to an end. Now we’re eyeing that light jacket in the corner and figuring out our plans for Fall. But whether you’re navigating remote learning, or maybe heading back to the office - a new season is a great excuse to change things up with some easy hairstyles. And, well, if a mask is going to cover up your face, you might as well show off your curls. 


1. Cute Curly Hairstyles: The Classic Half up half down for curly hair


If you’re heading into a more active environment, you know you need that hair off your gorgeous face. Half up half down is a great and practical way to rev up your beauty and to maximize second-day hair. Use a hair tie, scrunchie, or clip to achieve this look and let that volumized curly hair shine!



Fall hairstyles




School hairstyles

Photo credit: Bebonia @cj_curls



2. Cute Curly Hairstyles: Long, Curly, High Ponytail


Often overlooked as a quick option, the slicked back ponytails are always a go-to When done right, is a truly stunning updo. Plus, it gives you the flexibility you need with hair fully out of your masked face. Getting to business while rocking this at the same time? Here. For. It.



High ponytail

Photo credit: Bebonia @alittlealeja



3. Cute Curl Hairstyles: HighPonytail or High Bun


Rock that versatility! One of the more easy hairstyles that sit at the top of your crown, whether in a cheeky ponytail or full topknot, gives that volume and extra shape you need to boost you into the school year. And it lets you rock your length without letting loose curls get in your face.


High bun

Photo credit: Bebonia @madelynneross



4. Cute Curly Hairstyles: Braid Ideas (including side braids!)



Side braids



A great way to achieve volume, the side braid is an easy from home style that will make anyone in your zoom meeting look twice… or three times. Though it looks fully runway ready, this look is actually super easy to accomplish. Simply pile most of that hair to one side, then braid the other and clip or pin it to the back of your head. Boom, you’ve got a fall fresh look in under ten minutes.



Hairstyles for long hair

Photo credit: Bebonia @beeanca_curls_beauty



5. Cute Curly Hairstyles: Half Up Half Down (with braids)


Combine the best of both worlds with this style. Simply separate your hair as you would for a half-up, half-down style. Then divide the top layer into two horizontal sections. Braid each section tightly against the scalp to create this face-framing effect. Then secure the braids in place with elastics. Fluff up the bottom section of your hair and you’re good to go.



We can’t wait to see your fall-inspired looks. Let us know if you try these styles, and be sure to share pics with us on insta using #BeboniaBabe.

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