Hair Hack: Fake Curly Hair Bangs using Curly Hair Extensions

If you’re like us, you love that curly bangs are trending right now. It’s about time that the world realized that curly babes can rock bangs too, right?! But also, as anyone who has ever had them will tell you, bangs are a huge commitment. Once they’re cut, they’re cut—and if you aren’t in love with them, all you can do is wait for them to grow out! 

We’ve got the best of both worlds: you can have this adorable style without the huge hairstyle commitment! In this blog, we will show you how to create curly bangs using just one weft of Bebonia clip-in hair extensions—no cutting or commitment needed!



How to Create Fake Curly Bangs Using Bebonia Clip-In Hair Extensions


faux curly bangs


These instructions will show you how to create curly bangs using a weft of Bebonia clip-in hair extensions. These instructions are for curly extensions that have already been styled. If you haven’t yet styled your Bebonias, check out our guide on how to perfectly style curly clip-in hair extensions. If you plan on wearing a set of curly hair extensions with this style, make sure they’re already clipped in before you begin creating your curly bangs. 

Clipping In Your Weft

Step 1: If you already have some bangs or shorter layers around your face, clip those away using a hair clip. 


Step One Section your hair


Step 2: Grab one 3-clip weft of clip-in extensions. Push the clips open. 


Step Two Grab a 3-clip weft



Step 3: Install your curly weft upside-down.


Step three install 3-clip piece upside down


Concealing Your Weft

Step 1: Take some hair pins and pin the curls of your “bangs” to conceal the weft. 


Pin bangs to conceal weft
Adding pins



Step 2: Grab some side pieces from your hair to create a half-up, half-down look. (Tip: if you have curly or wavy hair extensions clipped in already, make sure those wefts aren’t revealed when you pin your hair back for this step.)


Step two Grab hair from the sides of your head
Create a half up half down look
Make sure the wefts are not exposed

Step 3:Take a hair tie and create a small pineapple/bun to conceal the rest of the “bangs” weft.


Use a hair tie to create a bun
Create a small pineapple bun



Create Your Bangs

Step 1: To create the curly bangs, lift the “bangs” higher and pin the curls from your “bangs” weft back using hair pins until they fall at the desired length. (Tip: while playing with the length of your bangs, make sure you don’t accidentally expose any of the wefts!)


Lift the bangs higher with bobbypins

There you have it!


Curly Hair Bangs Extensions  Faux Curly Hair Bangs Clip-in Extensions

You can have the curly bangs of your dreams without the full commitment using just one weft of our clip-in extensions. If you’re more of a visual learner, check out our tutorial video where Bebonia founder Soleil Guerrero guides you through creating this style.

At Bebonia, we’re all about curl confidence and want every curly-headed human to feel amazing. Our natural hair extensions are made from Remy human hair and come in a variety of textures, colors, and lengths. If you haven’t tried our curly extensions and aren’t sure where to start, e-mail us for a texture and color match! 

If you try out our curly bangs hair hack, post your styles to Instagram and tag us using #BeboniaBabe—we can’t wait to see your beautiful face and lovely locks! 
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