How to blend clip-in Bebonia extensions with fine hair

Do you have fine hair? You’d love to use hair extensions for volume but the fear of them peeking through is stopping you.  The good news is that we’ve got you covered! At Bebonia, we offer different weights to cater to each hair type.

Here’s a quick guide showing you how to blend your Bebonia’s with fine hair.


Pick the right set 

At Bebonia we offer 2 different weight options 110 grams and 210 grams.

Our 110-gram set is specifically designed for those with a fine hair type and is great for adding some natural volume to your hair.

   It includes 6 (2 x 8-inch wefts 2 x 6-inch wefts 2 x 4-inch) wefts so our curly extensions will add natural volume to your hair without feeling heavy and causing any stress.

Style Separately

Thin hair is already delicate, to make sure that you don’t cause any unneeded tension we recommend that you style your set of Bebonia’s and your natural curls separately before clipping in your hair extensions.

Tease those roots

For your extensions to clip in firmly to your hair tease the root of your hair.

This will create a solid base for the extensions to rest on and prevent sliding and pulling throughout the day. 



Dye the root

If you have opted to go with a lighter set of Bebonia’s the root of the hair extensions may be visible.  Darkening the root of your extensions to match your root would help prevent them from being seen when the wind blows.

Clip them in lower


If your hair is fine towards the crown of your head clip in your hair extension in lower.  

Normally, for thin or fine hair this is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows. To find it take your pointer fingers and place them below your eyebrow, move them back until they connect behind your head. Everywhere below the circle is safe for you to add your Bebonia’s.


Massage your crown

Use your fingers to massage your scalp to give you more volume on the top of your head. 

Sprinkle hair fibers

Sometimes, it can be a little tricky to fully hide the clips of your hair extensions, especially if your hair is thinner. Spray on some hair fibers for added coverage. This is a creative way to give your hair the appearance of being fuller and thicker. All you do to shake up your look is to shake these tiny hair fibers into your hair and watch how it will turn heads

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