How to Blend Curly Hair Extensions | Extension Blending Tips

Struggling with learning how to use your clip-in hair extensions? You're not alone. That's why we are thrilled to introduce Horlenny, Bebonia's very own resident stylist, extensions educator, and fellow curly girl. Today she's going to break down how to blend curly hair extensions - whether it's clip-ins or slip-ons, to create a flawless curly hairstyle.  

How to Blend Curly Hair Extensions: Use a Teasing Brush for a Better Blend



This curly hair hack is all about achieving a seamless blend with your extensions! This is the next step after installing your Bebonia curls. To start, use a teasing brush and comb lightly right above the clips. Next, you're going to use hairspray to set and lock it into place. And voila! This will hide any visible wefts while also creating a better blend between your hair and the extensions. 


How to Blend Curly Hair Extensions: Hairspray Technique to Reduce Frizz and Add Volume



This curly hair hack is all about the hairspray! After washing, styling and installing your curly hair extensions, apply hairspray to the ends of your set to maintain the curl pattern, add volume, and reduce frizz. This gives you a more polished and voluminous look for all day wear.

How to Blend Curly Hair Extensions:  The Right Way to Separate Your Curls



Want a more natural and seamless blend? Try this curly hair hack: separate your curls and and use a hair pick to avoid creating frizz! You can start by separating the curls with your fingers. Once complete, use a hair pick to further blend by lightly teasing the ends in a vertical motion. This will help your curls look more natural while creating some extra volume. 

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