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This Valentine’s Day, I think we can all agree that everyone needs a little more love in their lives. Last week on the blog we talked about Valentine's Day hair, swooning over our curls and celebrating our gorgeous Bebonia Babe community. But one thing we haven’t done is talk about why we embrace our natural curls and choose self love. So let’s break down the perfectly beautiful reasons to love your natural curls, today and every day. 


1) It’s the ultimate way to practice self love 

The entire curl community knows just how dominant straight haired culture is. Whether you never saw someone like you represented, were bullied for your locks, or just felt generally bad about yourself, there has likely been a lot of struggle to get you where you are today. You’ve tested out tons of methods, probably spent an eyebrow raising amount of money to find the right products, and combed through Facebook groups and YouTube videos to learn about yourself. 


While doing this, it might feel like it’s just about your hair, but in actuality, this has been an individualized  journey about self acceptance, that only you could go through. You’ve sent yourself the message that you love your natural self exactly as you are and that you’re willing to invest in you. You’ve boldly chosen to not conform to anything but your own expectations and natural beauty. And that, my love, deserves a chocolate covered cherry to celebrate. 


2) It’s as versatile as you are 

Curly hair is the ultimate accessory, because you’ve got a million ways to wear it. Up, down, picked out, the options are endless and they’re all fabulous. Wherever your hair lies on the spectrum, you benefit from this versatility if you’re wearing your hair natural. 


3) It allows you to take care of and discover yourself 

Because our hair requires a little extra love, it affords a natural vehicle for self care. Conditioning treatments, protein treatments, even a long and much needed clarifying wash are great ways to remind our body that we love ourselves, especially this Valentine’s Day. 


4) It can grow and change with you 

There’s something to be said for celebrating the parts of ourselves that are ever evolving. Just like you, your hair is growing and getting different with time. Good thing you wear it natural, so you can see that evolution close up! 


5) You are now an inspiration to other curly haired humans 

Remember when you were just transitioning, and you had your go-to influencers or friends? Those holy grails who seemed to have it all figured out? Guess what! You now are that for someone else! This Cupid Day, we thank you for spreading the love and for being a light to beautiful curly haired folk everywhere. 


6) It brings together a beautiful community 

We’re biased, of course, since we have such a gorgeous community of Bebonia Babes that we love so much. But no matter who your people are, we hope you’re feeling as much love as we do for your ride or dies in the natural world. 


And with that, we close our love festival and are off to watch Love Actually. Did we miss any totally lovable reasons to wear your hair naturally curly? Let us know in the comments!

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