Why wear curly clip-in hair extensions?


There’s something special about curls. Everyone’s journey to their natural hair is unique, and yet there’s a shared sense of experience. A recognition of the mutual struggle to understand your hair, care for it, and embrace it. There’s an obvious physical, mental, and emotional connection. 

The first time you wear your hair natural and you feel confident, a transformation that takes place. When you set out on a healthy hair journey and reach it - it’s a next level feeling. Once your hair is healthy and you feel empowered to change things up - rock a new style, go from straight, to curly, and back again, or to add color, or length, or even rock a wig - you reach peak curl confidence. 

If you’re not quite there yet, it’s okay. Believe us, we get it. We’ve been where you are. And luckily the curly community is full of people who are here to support you with a never ending list of tips, regimens, and tricks. If you’ve found your way to Bebonia - we hope you’re feeling excited.

Because much like finding your holy grail styler, or your go-to youtube curl guru, discovering curly hair extensions can change EVERYTHING. 




Having a not so easy time going natural? Extensions will be your best friend. They can disguise any awkward transitioning, minimizing the appearance of shelves from years of wet, traditional straight cuts. And if you got a bad curly haircut, they can help minimize the impact - so you’re not suffering in silence while you wait for your hair to grow. Learn more about how to make the most of extensions and fix a bad curly hair cut in this blog post. 

And even if you’re in your natural hair transitioning groove, extensions are still super empowering. If you’re torn between growing long hair and opting for volume, clip-ins give you the best of both worlds. You can change your look again and again and again.  

If you’ve got thin or fine hair clip-ins can give you big, healthy, voluminous curls that blend in with your natural hair, creating a new and stylish look. 



Check out this video about adding volume:



If shrinkage has been your enemy, fear it no more - clip in curly extensions can also help you instantly hit your length goal. You can go from short shoulder length to mermaid status in a few minutes. Learn more about adding length here. 

Check out this video about adding length:



Extensions also help you explore a million different hairstyles. On Pinterest you can’t scroll without seeing inspiring braids, fohawks, or big messy buns that make you go 😍 The secret to these styles? Extensions. Adding extra hair helps these styles look super full and helps minimize excess manipulation on your regular hair. Check out our Pinterest for some more inspiration.

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