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Why wear curly clip-in hair extensions?

Soleil Guerrero

Posted on May 18 2018

There’s a physical, mental and emotional transformation that takes place when you have a full head of hair.  Even if it’s someone else's! The feeling of confidence that washes over you is indescribable. Enhancing your look by adding volume and length with curly extensions is even more special because they are so rare to find.

Every curly girl has her own story.  Chances are that you’ve committed to a natural hair journey and this journey is completely unique to you. If you have been straightening your hair or have had it chemically processed for years, the transition back to your natural curls is not going to be easy or pretty at first, but it will be worth it.

While phasing out your straight hair, you might see more dryness or even loss of length, due to curl shrinkage.  But this is no cause for alarm! You just have to figure out how to work with your new hair and that is never easy. If you’ve been dreaming of going back to curls but just can’t commit because the transition period is so awkward, then curly clip-in extensions are the way to go!  They’re so easy to use you’ll wish you had heard of them earlier. The clip-ins give you big, healthy, voluminous curls that blend in with your natural hair, creating a new and stylish look. Another positive aspect is that you can keep doing your regular deep conditioning treatments since the clip-ins can be removed.

Clip-in extensions aren’t just useful for the transitional period of straight to curly. They can spice up a curly hair of hair by adding 10 inches of locks to your naturally short curly hair! The extensions blend in seamlessly with your existing hair, giving you jaw-dropping looks.

On Instagram, there are pages and pages of women with gorgeous, springy heads of hair. No more curl envy, volume or shrinkage concerns! Rock your natural look and make every day a great hair day again.

Our curly hair extensions won’t cause damage to your hair, so you can change up your look easily without any lasting side effects. Who said that you should be satisfied with the status quo?   

After all, what does your hair say about you?



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