Thanksgiving Hairstyles

Is there any holiday better than Thanksgiving? It ties in the best of everything: Delicious food, family, and friends. Thanksgiving is a moment to look around and be grateful for all of the beautiful things in our life. This year especially, many of us are having smaller gatherings. Whether you’re doing a virtual thanksgiving or just spending time with your immediate family,  you can still bring on your style - with of course, some gorgeous curly hairstyles for fall. Here are some of our favorites:


Slicked back ponytail

Here at Bebonia, we’re obviously big fans of the curly ponytail. A slicked back ponytail allows for elegance and style. It’s a great pairing with a velvet dress or more formal outfit. 


To achieve this look: Smooth your hair down and tie it into a bun. Make sure to work on any excess flyaways so that you get that full elegant slicked back look - a boar bristle brush should help. Open up your Bebonia ponytail, and press the hook into the bun that you’ve made. For added security, use bobby pins to keep your pony in place. Got baby hairs? Slick those cuties down with some gel and a toothbrush.


Curly side ponytail




Want to change things up a little? The curly side ponytail is an 80s inspired-take on a classic. This look allows your sass to shine while you’re eyeing that third piece of pie which you very much deserve.


Even if you already have the length, a few of our Bebonia hair extensions can allow you up both your length and volume further. To achieve this look, work in sections. And apply your extensions on the diagonal in the direction you want your ponytail to go. This will ensure that the seams blend perfectly, and you won’t end up with any unwanted bumps or lumps. You can also use a Bebonia ponytail extension if you want a long glamorous side pony. 


High puff with bang


One of our favorite ways to jazz up a beautiful fall outfit is an updo. This allows for your playful side to come out, while keeping your hair out of your face. We’re in love with this style from @actually_ashly, which incorporates fall colors through a gorgeous headband. 

To achieve this look: Take all of your curls and put them high up on your head like a pineapple or puff. Leave some cute ringlets in the front, and then use a headscarf or headband (preferably silk or satin!) to tie the look together. You can also achieve this look with your Bebonia extensions. 

Check out this video to learn more.

A few weeks ago we talked gorgeous fall accessories. Now that you’re a pro on your faves, why not take this opportunity to lean in for the holidays? We’re partial to the French beret, with a beautiful fall red as a pop of color - it’s perfect for Thanksgiving and can even make a dual appearance at Christmas or Valentine’s day. 


As with all hair accessories, remember: you have to protect your hair. If you go for this look, make sure to have some sort of satin or silk bonnet underneath your likely wool beret. 

Do you have big hair plans for Thanksgiving this year, or are you keeping it chill? Let us know using #BeboniaBabe on Instagram.

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