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Every curly babe has their own routine to wash, condition, and style their curls. But every person with curly hair has one thing in common—we want our curls to pop! A healthy diet, proper hydration, and a great wash schedule are all important elements to encouraging healthy, beautiful, bouncy curls… but sometimes, we need a little help.

It can get a little overwhelming when trying to narrow down the best products for curl definition, so we did the legwork for you! Here are our 5 favorite products for curl definition. 

Pro tip: use any, or all, of these products with your natural curls and your curly hair extensions!

Ouai Curl Crème


Ouai Curl Crème


First up on our list is Ouai Curl Crème. This curl cream does it all: it hydrates and adds shine for swoon-worthy curl definition. Key ingredients linseed and chia seed work together to shape curls, protect your hair’s natural texture, and fight humidity. Coconut oil and babassu oil helps seal damaged cuticles and boosts shine. This product is silicone-free, making it a perfect pair for your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions to achieve lovely, defined, crunch-free curls. It’s available in both a scented and unscented version. 

REAL-LIFE REVIEW: “This curl cream is everything, is it SO good! It doesn’t make your hair crunchy and controls the frizz.



Living Proof Curl Definer

Living Proof Curl Definer


Paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and silicone free, Living Proof Curl Definer is one of our absolute dream products for curl definition. We love this one to use on both natural textured hair and curly hair extensions. This midweight conditioning styler provides curl definition from root to tip to create curls that are shiny, healthy, and free from frizz. If you’re looking specifically for curl definition and control, this is an excellent choice. 

REAL-LIFE REVIEW: “I love this curl cream. I use it after I wash my hair, and it lasts until my next wash day. It keeps my curls defined, my hair isn’t frizzy, and it never feels gunky or stiff.



Living Proof Curl Defining Gel

Living Proof Curl Definer


Yep, another favorite from Living Proof! Just like the Curl Definer, this Curl Defining Gel is free from all the things you don’t want touching your curls (or your curly hair extensions!). It’s perfect for curly babes that prefer a lightweight gel that provides a weight-free, crunch-free hold. The Defining Gel has more resins and polymers than Living Proof’s cream stylers, giving it better hold properties. It’s great for pairing with any or all of their curly hair products

REAL-LIFE REVIEW: “Gives my hair full, defined, bouncy curls that I love! Air dry, the tousle. Fabulous!”

Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard

Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard

Next up on our list is Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard. We love this for its performance and affordability. Key ingredients almond and avocado infuse curls with intense hydration, honey seals in moisture, and chamomile soothes and protects hair (perfect if you use a lot of different styling tools). This curl-forming custard is free from parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, and mineral oil—making it ideal for both your naturally curly hair and curly extensions. It helps elongate your curl pattern, which helps fight shrinkage and provides long-lasting hold, control, and curl definition. This product does have a heavier hold, making it ideal for coarser hair textures. 

REAL-LIFE REVIEW: “This product is amazing. I coil my hair by strand and this product holds up on my hair with no flakes after drying or manipulating!”



Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions: Define and Enhance Your Natural Curls


When looking for stylers and products for curl definition, don’t overlook something that can add length and volume to your perfectly defined curls: curly clip-in hair extensions! At Bebonia, we have curly human hair extensions for every curly human. We have three patterns of hair extensions for curly hair: Spiral, Ringlet, and Curly. Our curly extensions come in a variety of colors, and are made from Remy human hair—the gold standard in curly clip-in human hair extensions. 

In addition to selling hair extensions that are curly and clip in, we sell a drawstring ponytail in three colors, and a luxurious storage bag to keep your curly extensions in beautiful condition. If you’re looking for natural curly hair extensions that clip in, look no further than Bebonia. 

If you’re asking yourself, “What is my curl type?” Contact us for a free texture and color match consultation. We can’t wait for you to start your journey to Curl Confidence!



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