Curly Hair Tips For Thinning Out Curly Hair


thinning out curly hair



Thinning Out Curly Hair? We Got You. 


We already know curly hair comes with it's own set of struggles, but for those of us with thin hair - there's an added twist. Whether your hair is naturally thin, or your texture has thinned out due to alopecia, stress, or maybe even COVID-19 induced hair loss, it can have a significant impact on your curl confidence. Thankfully you’ve got options. Check out some of our curl care tips for thin curly hair below.



Thin Hair Struggle #1: How to get volume in curly hair


One of the biggest struggles for those of us with thinning curly hair? Volume. But there’s a few easy fixes. First, start with how you style. Apply your products when your head is flipped upside down. Why? It helps keep product and hair from clinging to the scalp, encouraging volume. Dry your hair with a diffuser the same way. The more lift, the better.

Want even more? Try curly clip in extensions. You can use curly clips ins to add layers to your naturally curly hair and pump up the volume big time. Check out the below transformation. Crazy right?

how to get volume in curly hair



Thin Hair Struggle #2: Greasy Curly Hair


Greasy curly hair


We don’t know about you, but we’re not really into being a grease ball — and when you have thin hair, it can seem like that’s your permanent state. Especially with how heavy most curl stylers are. So what’s the fix? Opt for products that promise lightweight moisture and hold. Steer clear of intense hydrators and don’t use oil anywhere near your scalp.  If you’re trying to extend time between your wash days, you can always try to hit any greasy roots with your diffuser, set to cool. This can sometimes help eliminate excess oil. 



Thin Hair Struggle #3: Curly Hair in a Ponytail


ariana grande curly hair


Trying to grow your curly hair past the bun stage is hard as it is. When you work so hard to achieve healthy length it can feel like heartbreak if your ponytail is sparse. Luckily there’s a few tricks. You can try a stacked ponytail, which involves dividing the top and bottom half of your hair and creating two ponytails, one from the top hair, another from the bottom. The stacked effect makes your hair look longer and fuller. For an added boost, you can also hide a hair clip under the base of your ponytail to lift it up and out. 

Want more? Take a cue from Ariana Grande who by the way has curly hair and get a ponytail extension. You just need to wrap the extension around your already existing hair, and boom--mega pony. It takes less than 5 minutes and the effect is stunning.



Check out some of our favorite looks below:




Curly hair in a ponytail




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