Trend Alert: Curly Bangs

We don’t know about you, but when we were growing up, bangs were just … not a thing curly girls did. Sure, every so often our parents would make the terrible mistake of taking us to a Supercuts stylist who somehow thought this was a good idea. And as a result there’s a period of childhood pictures that just look...well awful. Bangs were reserved for our straight haired friends, to cover their lucky foreheads. 

Thankfully though, it’s 2020, and curly haired bangs aren’t just a trend, they are a whole gorgeous look. There are tons of ways to rock them from short bangs to long curtain bangs, and even faking curly bangs if you’re not ready for the plunge! Let’s talk curly bangs and how to tell which style, if any, is right for you. 

1) Curtain bangs

In case you haven’t caught this gorgeous excellence, curly haired curtain bangs are those gorgeous wispy parted bangs that frame your face perfectly. They go with a middle part and just tickle your forehead. Curtain bangs give that perfect modern 70s look, while still feeling truly contemporary, and somehow look good with nearly every face. If you go for this look, keep in mind when styling: you don’t want to go too heavy on product, if you do your bangs will look heavy and weighed down. You want to keep it light so that they maintain their airy feel. We like styling with creams rather than gels. 

2) Short curls with bangs  

Short curls with bangs

A short curly cut is already such a vibe but if you really want to be adventurous, you can add short bangs to the mix. The look above features a heavier bang, which requires your stylist to cut further back. To keep the curls defined with a thicker style, consider using an alcohol-free gel (to avoid the crunch) or a mousse.

3) Curly bangs with an updo 

Curly bangs with an updo


No one rocks a messy bun quite like a curlfriend, they are after all - a classic go-to. But when you add bangs to the mix, the style suddenly becomes elevated. It’s an understated elegance that simply works. To get this look ask for a light fringe, and then when creating a messy bun, instead of tucking your ends away, let them peep out. 

4) Fake curly bangs using extensions  

One of our favorite parts of the Bebonia Babe life is that you can try any curly hairstyle you can think of. If you’re just not quite ready to go all the way when it comes to curly bangs, try this technique: Clip in your full set of Bebonia extensions, then the front layer of your hair back until the ends reach your desired bang length. Pin the hair into place - and voila! No commitment required.

Check out this tutorial: this video 


5) Curly hair with straight bangs 

Curly hair with straight bangs

This one is for the truly daring among us. Now many of us in high school may have attempted bangs and worn them stick straight, while letting our curls roam free. Back then it was a daring look - but now it’s been modernized. Softly straightening those curls gives the appearance of a finer, lighter bang, and alludes to texture. It keeps your bangs a little more manageable, and totally gives a Jessica Day a la New Girl vibe. The most important thing to keep in mind if you rock this look? Protect those locks with a heat protectant every single time you style. Otherwise, growing them out won’t be so fun!  

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