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We feel you. Trying to decipher off those hair charts which kind of curly hair you have can be confusing. Even more confusing, there can be several different textures that coexist on just one head alone. The chart can help point you in the right direction to identify your curl pattern (or patterns). That way, you can take care of your luscious locks better. To help you decode the hair type system, we have broken it down to help smooth the way to beautiful curls.


Because according to the typing chart, there are three different kinds of curls and within those categories there are subtypes. But don’t worry! We are here to walk you through it all and find precisely what your curl pattern is.

Type 2: Wavy Hair. Type 2 waves tend to be more bendable, can be fine to coarse, and will have an S pattern that lays closer to the head. We will break it down for you further now.

2A 2A hair is fine, with a barely-there tousled texture that easily straightens. People who are rocking a 2A should not use heavy styling products because they can quickly weigh down their strands, making them look limp and lifeless.


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2B. This hair type tends to have a more prominent "S" shaped pattern that sticks closer to the head... think beach wave. This hair also tends to be more frizzy and thicker in diameter than 2A, and it will take more effort to get 2B hair straight.


2C. 2C waves tend to be thick, coarse, and more likely to frizz. The S-bends are very well-defined and begin directly at the roots. These waves will also have a few curls mixed in there. This type of hair will most likely need extra moisturizing and care each day to keep it hydrated.  

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Type 3 - Curly. Curly hair can range from loose, bouncy loops to tight, spring corkscrew. The curls often have some sheen to it but are susceptible to frizz.


3A. 3A curls will usually be shiny with large, loose curls that have a diameter of a piece of sidewalk chalk. 3A curls will be full-bodied, climate dependent (which can mean more frizz), and damage prone. Dull curls occur without proper care.


3B. 3B strands are more course and springy about the same size as a sharpie marker. Because this hair texture can get dry, it also will need more care to get definition without frizz. Girls with 3B will have significant volume!


3C. 3C curls are coarse, dense corkscrews that range in size from a straw to a pencil. The strands are packed tightly together, meaning even more natural volume! Of course, with most curls, frizziness can be an issue, so extra care is needed.

Type 4 - Coily hair - This hair is often referred to as afro-textured hair or kinky hair and is extremely fragile.


It is naturally dry and spongy in texture. It can also be soft and fine or coarse and wiry. A common misconception is that kinky hair does not grow, but that is not true; it is just prone to significant breakage if not properly cared for daily. The strands form very tight, small curls or zigzags directly from the scalp.


4A. 4A tends to have the same circumference as a crochet needle and is a very tightly coiled "S" pattern. This type of hair has more moisture than Type 4B coils, and you will notice a visible curl pattern.


4B. 4B strands are tightly packed and can bend in sharp angles, like the letter Z. The pattern tends to be less defined and does not curl or coil and will feel wiry to the touch.


4C. 4C coils are similar to 4B, but the strands are even more fragile and will have a very tight "Z' shape pattern, which sometimes is unnoticeable. This hair type will see the greatest amount of shrinkage which is sometimes 75% or more! 4C strands will almost never clump without help from styling techniques. The strands will range from fine, thin, and soft to coarse.

No matter what your hair type is, proper care is necessary to keep your waves, curls, or coils looking fresh and voluminous every day! If you want to change up your look completely, check out our line of Bebonia’s clip in extensions, designed for curly-haired women just like you!


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