Winter DIY Hair Masks

As curly haired ladies, we have our fair share of hair woes. From damage to dryness, frizz to protein imbalance, sometimes the amount of problems we face can feel overwhelming. But we’ve had our eye on solutions - specifically DIY hair masks that can pack some serious benefits. If you’re looking for homemade hair masks you can source straight from your kitchen, we’ve got you.


Everything *and* the kitchen sink

We absolutely love BiancaRenee’s homemade hair treatment for dry natural hair and hair growth. This epic mix is chock full of wonderful ingredients: 

    • Eggs to help shine, softness, and promote hair growth
    • Avocado to provide proteins and oils that help to smooth our hair
    • Bananas (natural sources of biotin) to smooth frizz, prevent hair loss, and soothe that pesky itchy scalp you might be suffering from this winter
    • Coconut and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize, shine, and promote healthy scalp 
    • Honey to attract moisture and soften hair 

    See how Bianca makes it:


    A few ingredients you’d never guess can help change your hair’s life 

    This hair mask has just two ingredients: onion and ginger juice, so it’s really easy to make at home. But when we found this DIY hair treatment from NappyFu TV our eyebrows raised, a lot, at the use of onion juice. But it turns out onions are actually rich in sulfur, which is one of the main building blocks of hair. The queen herself suggests adding essential oils to mask the odor. Ginger is also rich in minerals and essential oils and contains the antioxidant gingerol, which helps to fight the free radicals that wreak havoc on your curls. All in all a great mask to strengthen and repair hair. 


    See how NappyFu TV makes it at home: 


    Detox away 

    There are lots of things that can contribute to your hair not looking its best, but one of the sneakiest culprits is build up. Over time the products we layer on our locks will accumulate, suffocating and pulling all moisture from hair. This can cause curls to look less shiny, bouncy, and can even affect curl pattern. 


    Never fear, this DIY mask is here! Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar are both incredibly powerful to both cleanse and detox all those impurities out of your hair so that you can get your curls looking fresh again. Just be sure to space out how often you use this one, as it can be incredibly strong. 



    A protein treatment without using eggs

    If egg hair treatments aren’t your fave, Samirah Gilli has a great alternative. In this easy to make home mask, the main protein providing ingredient is greek yogurt, with coconut oil and shea butter packing a beautiful moisturizing benefit. 



    At home moisturizer 

    In the quest for DIY a home moisturizing ingredients, there are lots of places to turn. Oils or avocado recipes abound, but we’re really into Rhassoul clay as an ingredient that both cleanses and conditions. 



    This epic homemade dry hair treatment is exactly what you need for dry cold winter days. An added bonus is that these moisturizing ingredients will be just as good for your Bebonia extensions, which is what we call a #WIN. 

    We’re so excited to see your newly loved hair and extensions! Tag us during your DIY mask night over on Instagram. 


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