Color Guide

Dark Ash Brown

Rich, deep, smoky; this dark ash brown hair color adds depth to classic brunettes with just a hint of coolness.

Neutral Dark Brown

A blend of golden and ash tones, creating a hair color shade that’s the perfect, rich balance of warm and cool.

Highlighted Brown

A blend of dark brown and caramel, creating a gorgeous, warm, tawny hair color shade.

Light Brown

Subtle ash tones and are ideal for hair that’s between medium blonde and dark brown. This shade beautifully complements warm tones.


A rich, dimensional shade of brown hair. It's typically a warm shade, with golden or red undertones.

Natural Black

Great if you naturally have very dark hair and haven’t dyed your hair before. Has warm, brown undertones that come through direct lighting.

Jet Black

Pure black color with cool blue undertones comparable to if you went to a salon and had your hair dyed black.

Ash Blonde

A natural, medium blonde shade with ash undertones (formally known as Honey Blonde).

Lightest Blonde

Our brightest bleach blonde with Lots of warm, golden undertones (No ash undertones).

Strawberry Blonde

A medium red-brown shade with bright copper undertones that come through in the sunlight.