4 Curly Hairstyles For All Your Holiday Parties

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎶 
The holidays are right around the corner, and we don’t know about you, but we are READY. After the year we’ve all had, we can’t wait to let our curls down and get all dolled up for glitzy holiday parties. And what better way to make an entrance at those parties than to create a gorgeous hairstyle that lets your curls shine? 
If you’re looking for some curly inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, look no further. Keep reading for some gorgeous curly holiday party hairstyles that will get you mistletoe-ready in no time—all of these can be achieved using curly clip-in hair extensions! 


Accessorized Half-Up, Half-Down With Bun

Wavy hair extensions

Styled by Valerie Trump


The holidays are the PERFECT time to adorn your curly hair with all kinds of baubles. The brighter, the better! We’re in love with this beautiful half-up, half-down style with an accessorized bun. 

How to Style It

Here is how to get this beautiful hairstyle for your next holiday party. 
  1. Wash, style, and dry your curls per usual. 
  2. Section your hair above the ear and twist it into a bun.
  3. Secure the bun by threading the pin through the gold accessory (or accessory of your choice.)
  4. For extra-gorgeous curls, clip in a pair of wavy hair extensions.



Loose Waves With Double Fishtail Braid

clip in hair extensions

Styled by Valerie Trump


We’re IN LOVE with this dreamy double fishtail style that’s paired with loose, romantic waves. This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for ANY holiday occasion: picture yourself bundled up with your sweetheart, sipping hot cocoa while looking at lights. Or making your big entrance to your company’s holiday party in an ethereal, sparkly dress. Oooo, the possibilities are endless! 

How to Style It

  1. Wash, style, and dry your curls as usual.
  2. Section your hair off above the ear and secure it with an elastic. Disguise the elastic by wrapping a small piece of the ponytail around it.
  3. Use a fishtail braiding technique, stop halfway down, and tie with an elastic. (Hide it with another piece of the ponytail. If your hair isn’t quite long enough, hide the elastic with a bit of hair from the section where your first braid ended.)
  4. Make a second fishtail braid, disguising each elastic with a small piece of the ponytail. 
  5. For added impact, install in your favorite pair of Bebonia curly clip-in extensions to lengthen your hair.



Chocolate Half-Up, Half-Down With Loose Curls

natural hair extensions

natural hair extensions


For the babe wanting a look that’s easy to style but still makes an impact, this gorgeous look is perfect. This hairstyle radiates class, grace, and holiday glamour. If you’re thinking of trying a dark hair color for the holidays, this is a beautiful style to showcase your new color—especially when you pair it with a bold, gold hair clip.

How to Style It

  1. Wash, style, and dry your natural curls as usual. Curl definition is the name of the game here, so make sure to treat your curls with plenty of your favorite curl-defining product
  2. When your hair is styled, use a set of curly clip-in extensions for hair. (This model is rocking a set of Natural Black Curly Bebonias.)
  3. Pull your hair back from your face, leaving a few loose curls. Secure the section with a large clip. 


Double-Bun Updo

hair extensions clip in

Style created by Valerie Trump


The holidays are the perfect time to go big. Why have one bun when you can have two?! We love this style for its modern twist on a classic updo. 

How to Style It

Updos work best on hair that isn’t freshly washed, so don’t be afraid to try this style on day 2—or beyond—curls. 
  1. Section your hair from the temples to the crown. Add texture powder for a volume. 
  2. Take three additional sections, continuing down the head, and twist each into a bun, stacking each bun on top of the one below. 
  3. Secure buns with bobby pins. 
If you don’t have the length needed to get this style, use our curly clip-in extensions before you begin twisting and styling your buns. 
We love a good holiday party, especially when we get the chance to wear hairstyles that show off our natural curls. If you need curly clip-in hair extensions to boost your styles but aren’t sure how to find your perfect match, reach out to our support team—we’re happy to help find the right set of curly hair extensions for you. 
If you wear your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions this holiday season, tag us on Instagram using #BeboniaBabe. We can’t wait to see you sparkle and shine! ✨
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