Curly Hair Halloween Costume Ideas

Break out the pumpkin spice, bring on the jack o’ lanterns, and plan those spooky parties—Halloween is almost here, and we’re so excited! 

The whole Halloween season is amazing, but we just love the chance the holiday gives us to become someone completely different by rocking a costume. We are huge advocates for embracing natural curls, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

If you’re thinking of wearing your hair naturally curly this Halloween and want some inspiration on costumes that can help, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Halloween costumes you can rock with curly hair below.


Curly Hair Halloween Costume 1: 80s Workout Babe

curly hair workout babe


80s throwback styles are trendy right now, thanks in part to shows like Stranger Things, POSE, and of course, GLOW. You can channel the styles of the sassy ladies of GLOW wrestling this Halloween with this “80s Workout Babe” costume. 


The 80s were all about hair that was big, big, BIG. The larger the hair, the better. When styling this costume, remember that the style during this decade was all about bright, loud colors and patterns. Pair a brightly colored leotard over a set of leggings, matching sweatbands on your head and wrists, and don’t forget the legwarmers!


For the hair, simply wash and style your natural curls like normal—but we suggest using a great volumizing gel or foam to get that big 80s look. For a really authentic 80s look, tease your hair—but don’t overdo it, we don’t want you damaging those lovely locks. If you don’t have the length needed, not to worry: our curly clip-in hair extensions are perfect for giving you that signature big 80s hair. (We don’t recommend installing these until after you’ve properly teased your hair to 80s perfection.)


You could also use a drawstring ponytail and rock a high side pony. Totally tubular! 


What You Need to Get This Look


Curly Hair Halloween Costume 2: Pineapple Princess

 Pineapple halloween curly hairstyles


If you have naturally curly hair, chances are you’ve heard of “pineappling” your hair. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a method of preserving your curls while you sleep so you can have great-looking hair on the days after your wash day. 


If you’re a babe who’s really dedicated to that curl life, take your love for all things curly hair with this adorable pineapple costume. We love this costume not only because it’s clever, but because it’s fairly easy to throw together! All you need for this is a cute pineapple costume (you could do a pineapple dress like the model, or even a DIY tutu) and some kind of hair accessory for the pineapple leaves. 


For your hair, simply wash and style your hair as usual. For added length and volume, try a set of curly extensions. Or if you want to take this costume a step further into curl culture, actually pineapple your hair and accessorize it with cute little green clips, a big pineapple hair bow, or a pineapple-patterned headband. If you don’t have long enough hair to properly pineapple, our drawstring ponytail can come in handy here, too. 


What You Need To Get This Look

  • Pineapple costume (a hoodie, a dress, or a top and tutu)
  • Accessory for head (either a felt hat for the “leaves” or other accessories that match your costume)
  • Curly hair extensions or a drawstring ponytail


Curly Hair Halloween Costume 3: Hippie Chick

Hippie curly hair extensions


Hippie human hair clip-in extensions


Hippie blonde curly hair extensions


Next up on our costume list is an old favorite: hippie chick! The name of the game in the hippie scene of the 1960s was free spirit all the way. From long bell bottoms to fringe-lined vests and jackets, hippie culture was all about going with the flow and letting your hair hang down—literally! The hippies of the 1960s were some of the first to embrace their long hair. Both men and women of the hippie scene wore their hair long and flowing. 


One of the best parts of this costume is how easy it is to throw together. You can probably find most of the clothing items you need either in a thrift store or in your grandparents’ closet, if they kept any of their fashions from the Summer of Love. With a hippie costume, look for tie dye, fringe, bell bottoms, round “Lennon” sunglasses, and bold accessories. (Look to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Marianne Faithful, or George Harrison for inspiration.) 


When styling your hair, don’t think about it too much—remember that hippie culture was all about embracing who you are. Wash and style your natural curls as usual, or rock this style with your day 2 curls for a slightly less structured look. You can accessorize your costume with a leather headband or actual flowers placed strategically throughout your curls. 


You definitely want to make sure you have plenty of long, loose curls for this costume. If you have shorter hair, you can still rock this hippie babe costume—just style some curly hair extensions to match your natural curls and clip ‘em in for a look that’s groovy, man. Groovy


What You Need to Get This Look

  • A shirt and bell bottom combo or a miniskirt dress
  • Big, bold accessories
  • Leather headband or other hair accessories
  • Curly clip-in hair extensions for added curls 


Curly Hair Halloween Costume 4: Beautiful Bebonia Butterfly

Butterfly human hair clip on extensions


Last (but not least) on our list is a look that embodies your beautiful, bright spirit: a butterfly! This Halloween costume is perfect for anyone wanting the chance to let their curls shine and spread their wings. Whether you’ve recently gone through a personal transformation or just want to make a statement, this is a costume that will turn heads. 


For this costume, you need a simple dress (black is best) and a gorgeous set of statement butterfly wings. You can go the simple route with your makeup or rock a beautiful butterfly-inspired look


When we think “butterfly,” we think wild and free—so you want your curls to reflect that. Wash your natural curls and style them with your favorite curl-defining product. For added definition and to truly make your curls the star of the show (especially when your wings aren’t unfurled), clip in some curly extensions for an extra lovely look. 


What You Need to Get This Look

  • A black dress
  • Butterfly wings
  • Curly clip-in hair extensions 


Now that you have some inspiration on how to rock your curls this Halloween, we want to know: what are you planning on wearing this Halloween? Tell us in the comments, and if you incorporate your Bebonia curly hair extensions into your costume this year, tag us on Instagram using #BeboniaBabe so we can see and share! 

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