Drawstring Ponytail - Different Ways To Use It

They say that variety is the spice of life, and we tend to agree–especially when it comes to hairstyles. If you’re anything like us, you love having options and the freedom to experiment with your style. 

One of the hair accessories we love most for playing with hairstyles is a drawstring ponytail. But what exactly is a drawstring ponytail, and how do people use it? In this blog, we’ll cover what a drawstring ponytail is, the pros of using one, and styles you can create.

What is a Drawstring Ponytail?

Bebonia’s drawstring ponytail is a type of curly hair extension that’s made with real Remy human hair. Instead of coming in individual curly clip-in hair extension wefts, the drawstring ponytail comes, well, in ponytail form!



Our drawstring ponytail comes in one easy-to-use piece. Instead of clipping the curly extensions all around the head, the drawstring ponytail is used to create a beautiful, curly ponytail. 


The drawstring ponytail is designed to be placed around a tight bun you create with your natural hair. The inside of the ponytail has two combs—one along the top, another along the bottom. These combs help secure the drawstring ponytail to your head. The ponytail’s drawstring element helps secure the ponytail to your head even further. Installing the drawstring ponytail to your hair is quick, easy, and convenient. Watch our video here to see how to apply a curly drawstring ponytail. 

Pros of Using a Drawstring Ponytail

Now that you know what a drawstring ponytail is, let’s talk about some of the pros of wearing one. There are many reasons why you’d want to rock a drawstring ponytail!

They’re Great For Curly Hair

Drawstring ponytails are particularly beneficial to people with curly hair. Thanks to the way the ponytail is designed, you don’t have to worry about curly little flyaways popping out of the ponytail. This is because the drawstring ponytail wraps securely around your existing bun and covers it. 

Lazy Hair Day? Pop On a Pony

Using a curly drawstring ponytail extension is perfect for lazy hair days. On the days that you just cannot with your hair, it’s easy to create a quick, tight bun and pop on your ponytail. No need to wash, diffuse, or fuss over your curls—the drawstring ponytail is ready to go, giving you a polished look.

woman with baby wearing a drawstring ponytail

Model @alittlealeja is wearing a Bebonia drawstring ponytail in Curly, Dark Brown, 22". 

Every curly-headed human knows that deep conditioning those curls is an absolute must. Deep conditioning can take a long time, though, and who has time to sit around the house while their hair is soaking up all that moisture? Drawstring ponytail to the rescue! 

Bebonia founder Soleil Guerrero loves to use hers when she deep conditions her curls. She simply applies a deep-conditioning treatment, wraps her hair into a tight bun while it’s wet, and applies her drawstring ponytail. Talk about multi-tasking—you can deep condition your hair and run your errands or run to a yoga class while looking fabulous.

woman doing yoga wearing a drawstring ponytail

Quick, Elegant Styling

Look, we’ve all drooled over Ariana Grande’s signature, sleek ponytail—but how about us curly babes? We want a show stopping ponytail every now and again. With our curly drawstring ponytail, you can live out your diva dreams with ease. Even if you have shorter hair, you can use our drawstring ponytail to create a gorgeous, sleek, statement look for a girl’s night out, an elegant event, or a date night. The drawstring ponytail applies quickly, so it’s perfect for those spontaneous moments when you wouldn’t have time to put together a full curly hairstyle.

a woman wearing a long drawstring ponytail

Model @stylefeen is wearing a Curly, Dark Brown, 22" drawstring ponytail. 

Drawstring Ponytail Styles

Remember when we talked about variety? Bebonia’s drawstring ponytail is perfect for creating a bunch of different hairstyles. We all love a statement pony, but don’t feel like you are limited to just a ponytail with this accessory! Check out some of our favorite looks created with a drawstring ponytail below. 

Elegant, Sleek Pony

Our drawstring ponytail is perfect for creating a sleek, elegant, eye-catching ponytail. We love the combination of a sleek crown topped with a gorgeous, voluminous ponytail.

a woman wearing a drawstring ponytail

Model @stylefeen is wearing a Curly, Dark Brown, 22" drawstring ponytail. 

curly drawstring ponytail

Model is wearing a customized drawstring ponytail in Curly, Honey Blonde, 22".

drawstring ponytail

drawstring ponytail

Model is wearing a Curly, Dark Brown, 16" drawstring ponytail. 

Side Pony

A quick look at today’s fashions will tell you that throwback styles are very in right now. What better way to rock an 80s/90s look than with a side ponytail? Totally tubular.

drawstring ponytail

drawstring ponytail

Model @stylefeen is wearing a Curly, Dark Brown, 22" drawstring ponytail. 


We loooooove the creativity our Bebonia Babes have—check out the way these beauties accessorized their drawstring ponytails with clips, scarves, and beautiful baubles.

accessorized drawstring ponytail

Model @ashlydanielaa is wearing a Curly, Natural Black, 22" drawstring ponytail. 

accessorized drawstring ponytail

Model @sojazzaye is wearing a customized Curly, Honey Blonde, 22" drawstring ponytail. 

drawstring ponytail with scarf

Model @__hifeliciarose is wearing a Curly 22" ponytail. 

Low Pony

Ponytails are usually worn up high, but why not switch things up with a low pony? If you have enough hair to pull it back into a tight, low bun. This look is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

low drawstring ponytail style

Model @msdeannarae is wearing a Curly, Natural Black, 22" drawstring ponytail. 

When you’re looking for a little something to spice up your look, our drawstring ponytail is the perfect way to switch things up without a huge hair commitment on your part. It’s quick, easy to use, and will help you reach all your ponytail dreams!

Browse our drawstring ponytail collection today. If you need help with a color or texture match, simply shoot us an e-mail—we’re happy to help!


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