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Obviously we’re biased, but if we may say so ourselves: curly clip in hair extensions are a complete game changer. Still, if you’re new to clip in extensions for hair, we know that it can feel like there’s a lot to learn. People often have questions about how to install curly hair extensions (we’ve got you covered there!), and how best to incorporate this amazing accessory into an everyday look.  

 An equally important topic is taking care of and storing curly hair extensions. You want your clip-in extensions to look gorgeous for as long as possible. Today, we’re diving into the nitty gritty of how long wavy hair extensions last, how to store your clip-in extensions, and how to take care of your curly extensions. 

We’ve broken it up into a list of dos and don’ts so that you can live your best life with long-lasting extensions. 


Do: Lay Them Flat

When you’re finished styling your clip-in extensions, it’s important to lay them out on a flat surface, ideally on a microfiber towel, and let them dry overnight. 


Do: Store Your Curly Extensions in Silk or Satin:

You want to make sure that your natural hair extensions are taken care of as well as your natural hair. You don’t put your curls on a cotton pillowcase, because it zaps moisture. You rest your head every night on silk or satin, because it preserves hydration and doesn’t cause friction and frizz. Your curly hair extensions deserve the same kind of luxury. We’re partial to our very own Bebonia Curl Bag as a solution for this. It’s small, cute, lightweight, satin lined, and the best way to travel with and store your clip in extensions. But you can also store your extensions in a spare satin pillowcase. 


Do: Gently, Neatly Organize Your Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Why? Simply put, you don’t want them to tangle. Because Bebonia natural hair extensions are made from Remy human hair, they can tangle just as easily as our normal hair. Place them gently, stacked and organized. You can also hang them on a hanger in your house (hook, pants hanger, etc).

Don’t: Let Them Tangle

Avoid behaviors that can lead to tangling, such as teasing your hair, swimming with extensions clipped in, or sleeping with extensions clipped in. If you do find yourself with a bit of a tangle problem, a deep conditioner and a Denman detangling brush or wide tooth comb can help rescue you. 


Don’t: Put Them in High Humidity or Store Them Wet

Your wavy hair extensions will frizz up just as much as your curls and can even grow bacteria or mold in storage if they’re wet, so make sure your curly extensions are being stored in a cool, dry place. 


Don’t: Squish Them

Your Bebonia extensions are delicate, and crushing them with improper storage will result in flattened curls which means you’ll have to re-style them every single time. 


We hope this helps you get the best experience with your curly clip-in hair extensions! Have any tips of your own? Share them with us on social using #BeboniaBabe.

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