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We did it! We got through those tough winter months. It’s (almost) time for beautiful spring outfits and walks in the park. But as we migrate away from sweaters and towards short sleeves, we know many of us are going to be wearing our hair up. But that, of course, brings its own challenge. Whether you’re rocking a sleek high pony, a messy bun, or anywhere in between, your biggest battle is going to be taming your baby hairs. 

Those wispy little guys, whether they’re from breakage or new growth, can be the bane of our existence. But the good news is that once we learn about styling baby hairs, they’re our best accessory. Stars from Rihanna to FKA Twigs have even made them famous! So let’s talk about how to rock baby hairs. 

Here at Bebonia, we’re obviously huge fans of the up-do. And if, for whatever reason, you’re lacking the length to get the long curly ponytail of your dreams, we’ve also got you covered. 

First, you’re going to want to get that Bebonia drawstring ponytail hair extension in. 

Step 1: Smooth your hair down. We recommend using a gel and boar bristle brush (like a Denman) if you’re going for a super sleek look. Then secure your curls into a bun.

Step 2: Open up your drawstring ponytail and press the hook into your bun.

Step 3: Secure your ponytail with the string and wrap any excess to the base of the ponytail. Use a bobby pin to secure in place if needed.


Now it’s time for the all-important baby hairs. 


First, you’re going to want to wet your hairline with water. You can use a spray bottle for this - we recommend a 360 mist sprayer.


You’ll now have a choice of how to style and dry them. 


For styling baby hairs, you can go with any curl-friendly hairspray, styling cream, or gel. We’re partial to a styling cream, because it’ll give the added benefit of nourishing your baby hairs (a crucial step for fresh growth or for hair that may have been damaged). 


Now  it’s time to lay those edges! 


Some of us are able to train our baby hairs just with a blow dryer. To do this method, work in sections. Hold your baby hairs against your roots with your middle and index fingers and angle the blow dryer directly towards your roots. Lightly blow dry on low heat for three seconds, then blow dry for three seconds on cool. Do this until all the baby hairs are dried, shaped and finished. Just remember that baby hairs are very fragile, so make sure to use a heat protecting spray if you’re planning on doing this method.


If your baby hairs need a little extra love, you can grab a toothbrush for help. Another classic household item that doubles as a curly hair must have, the toothbrush allows us to have the precision and control to make those sweepy beautiful lewks that we’ve seen on our favorite stars. To do this method, first apply your styling products to your baby hairs. Then run the toothbrush in small strokes over each section. You can choose swoops or curls, whatever speaks to you! Continue over your hairline until your baby hairs are perfectly set, and allow to air dry. 


We can’t wait to see your gorgeous up-dos with perfectly laid baby hairs! Tag us so we can share in your gorgeousness, using #beboniababe. 

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