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We’ve talked about Halloween and Thanksgiving hairstyles, but perhaps our favorite of all is here: It’s time for winter holiday hairstyles. Whether you’re gathering on Zoom or in person this year, cocktail get togethers, gingerbread parties, and everything glorious in between are now upon us. During the most magical time of the year, there are so many options to spruce up your curls and show off your festive side—especially if you happen to have a lovely set of curly clip-in hair extensions

Holiday Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Want to wear your hair curly for the holidays? Great news: you can! Check out some of our favorite holiday hairstyles for curly hair below. (Tip: you can use curly hair extensions to achieve all of these styles!)

Holiday Pineapple

Holiday pineapple

One of the ultimate questions for curly girls is what, how, and when to pineapple hair. Pineappling is an absolute godsend when it comes to styling curly hair. It can serve as a protective overnight trick to keep days in between wash days, or can be a beautiful holiday hairstyle! 

For this look, a great addition is to leave some curls out in the front for a little extra sass. Thankfully your curly extensions can help you to achieve this look without too much fuss. Here’s a curly haired tutorial to help you get there. Bonus points if you pair your pineapple with a festive color like queen Hortencia here! 

Holiday Sparkle


Add some sparkle

The holidays are all about enjoying and indulging our inner sparkle. We love the idea of using some cute pins and clips to add adornments on the back and front of a bun. This spiced up look was achieved with a set of Curly, Honey Blonde Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions


Put a Big Ole' Bow On It

Big ol bow 

Let’s be honest: the only thing really on everyone’s mind is presents. Why not stay on theme and make yourself the present? The bigger the bow, the better. 

To achieve this look, put all your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun, with the option of leaving a section out in the front if you want to be extra playful. Fold a silk scarf into a long strip multiple times until it functions as a tie. Then tie the scarf in the front, and use the ends to make a bow. Tuck in any loose ends that are getting in the way of your present excellence. Another great option is to use a ready-made clip that can go straight into your curls.

Don't have enough hair for a ponytail? We gotchu. Check our our drawstring ponytail to achieve the curly pony of your dreams. 

High Ponytail

Speaking of ponytails... You know by now that we’re big fans of the ponytail, especially since the Bebonia Drawstring Ponytail makes it SO easy. A high ponytail, especially slicked back, is a great way to show up elegant, with your curls highlighted, without hiding your gorgeous face. Tease out your curls to really get the ultimate volume here, and then head in for some delicious cookies. 

High ponytail 

Starry Evening Braids

Holiday evening braids

A light, loose french braid is made festive when adorned with these simple star clips.

This look uses two sets of Spiral curly hair extensions in Honey Blonde & Chestnut to achieve the perfect color blend. To get the look, simply create a loose french braid until your hair reaches the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic, then wrap one curl around the elastic to hide it. Use a pin to hold the wrap in place. Add clips and you’re ready to sparkle. 


Braid It Up

Put a braid in it

A big, chunky braid is a great way to add a holiday stamp to your curls. And now with curly hair extensions, you don’t have to sacrifice the volume in the rest of your hair to achieve this look! Simply braid your curls from the side, and clip to the other side of your head.

If you’re not great at braiding your own hair, you could simply braid one of your curly extension wefts, and then clip it in under your natural curls, then use pins to secure the braid around the base of your head. 

We’re so excited for holiday parties this year! Share your holiday look with us on Instagram using #BeboniaBabe. 

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