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If you’re a natural curly haired bride, you may know the struggle: The wedding internet is often a straight haired ladies’ game. Google search after Google search will pull up straight haired looks in disguise, up-dos, and confusing 90s perm styles that may not be your cup of tea. 


Here at Bebonia we’re not about that life, and have even written about gorgeous options for rocking your gorgeous natural curls on your big day. Plus, we have even more good news for you: Curly haired extensions can make your look even better. Whether you’re looking for more length, volume, or the ability to play with and enhance your look, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the many ways that curly hair extensions can brighten up your big day. 



Though Bebonia extensions are incredibly easy to use, like everything they do require a little practice. When ordering, you’re going to want to make sure you get the right extension set. 


Bebonia extensions come in three curl types: Spiral (typically wavy/curly, 2b-3a), curly (curly, 3b to 3c) and ringlet (best for tighter curl textures, 4a-4b). You can also consult our website to find a perfect shade match. Keep in mind that if you’re a colorful curly queen, Bebonia extensions can also be dyed to match your set! To make sure you’re perfectly happy, it’s a good idea to  order your Bebonia extensions well in advance in case you need to make changes. 


Now that you’ve found your extensions, make sure you’re all prepped to incorporate them into your angelic look. Here’s a great video to help you out, and if you’ve got fine hair, never fear: We’ve also got a special video just for you!


Test run 

On your big day, it’s essential that nothing stands in your way. We’d suggest getting extra comfortable with your Bebonia extensions. To do this, clip them in for a day around the house, just so that you know how they feel. 


Trial appointment 

You’re so close! Now it’s time for an extra bonus: Your trial appointment. Whether you’re doing your own hair or hiring a professional, it’s a great idea to do at least one hair trial before debuting it for your forever love. Plus, you get the added bonus of looking like a movie star twice! 


If you are hiring a stylist, make sure they are well acquainted with curly hair extensions, and blending them into the overall style you’ve both chosen. 


Your big day 

Now that your wedding day is here and you’ve prepared everything, all you have to do is breathe, gorgeous. Try and let go of the jitters and focus on the amazing people who have all come together to celebrate you and your love. 


Extra bonus: Honeymoon looks! 

One extra thing that’s great about your Bebonia extensions? They’re reusable! So before you jet off to your tropical destination, make sure to pack them along for extra beautiful photos. Pro tip: Read up on storing your bebonias right so they show up just as fresh as you do for your honeymoon! 


We’re swooning over here and can’t wait to see your gorgeous wedding photos! Tag us on Instagram and share the love.

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I need some hair extensions to give volume to my natural hair. This is for an event
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