The Beginner's Guide to Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

The day you’ve been anticipating is here: your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions have arrived! If it’s your first time using natural curly hair extensions that clip in, getting started can sometimes feel a little intimidating. Never fear, Bebonia is here! Read through our beginner’s guide to your curly clip-in hair extensions. You’ll learn everything you need to know about your gorgeous new curly extensions: how to wash them, where to wear them, what you should (and shouldn’t) use on them, and so much more. 

What You Need to Know About Your Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Let’s dive right into everything you need to know about your curly clip-in hair extensions. Your new set of Bebonia curly extensions comes with a “test weft.” This is to ensure that your curly hair extensions are a match made in heaven. (If the match isn’t quite right, contact us for details on a return or exchange.) Once you’ve confirmed that your extensions are the perfect fit, you can get started. 

Your new curly extensions are made from human hair—Remy human hair, to be exact, which is the best of the best. In many ways, you can treat your curly human hair extensions the same way you’d treat your natural curls… with some exceptions. 

Who Can Wear Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions?

One question you might be asking yourself is, “Are curly hair extensions right for me?” Well, babe, we’re happy to tell you that the answer is YES! Our curly extensions are for absolutely anyone who wants to enhance their natural curls. There are a few circumstances in which curly clip-in hair extensions can be particularly helpful, though. Hair extensions that are curly and clip in are perfect for:

  • People with thin hair
  • People struggling with hair loss
  • Someone wanting to change up their look without a huge commitment
  • Someone wanting to add length to their hair
  • Someone wanting to add volume to their hair
  • Someone who has gotten a bad haircut and needs a little help growing it out

When Should I Wear Curly Hair Extensions?

You should wear your curly extensions whenever you feel like it, babe! Our extensions are perfect for any occasion, but there are times where they come in really handy. Our Bebonia Babes love to wear their curly hair extensions for:

Like we said, you don’t have to be attending a special event or throwing a glamorous party to wear curly hair extensions. Our extensions are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. 

How to Care For Curly Human Hair Extensions

Just like your natural curls, curly human hair extensions need some TLC. From washing to storing, caring for your Bebonia curly extensions is very important. Check out our guide below on how to wash, style, protect, and store your curly extensions.

How to Wash Curly Hair Extensions

Your curly hair extensions need a little love before you wear them for the first time. To reactivate the curls and give them beautiful bounce and shine, you’ll want to wash and style them. First, let’s talk about how to wash curly hair extensions.

  1. Fill your sink with lukewarm water.
  2. Add the curl-friendly shampoo of your choice. We recommend using a shampoo that is free from sulfates, alcohol, and parabens. 
  3. Add one weft of hair at a time to ensure each piece is properly cleaned. 
  4. Wash each weft using light, gentle strokes to avoid tangling. 
  5. Once you’ve washed each weft, rinse out the shampoo using lukewarm water.
  6. Apply a conditioner or a conditioning mask. Apply your conditioner/mask from the top of the weft to the bottom, one weft at a time. 
  7. Once you’ve coated your curly hair extensions in conditioner, comb them from the bottom up with a wide-tooth comb to loosen any tangles.
  8. Once conditioned and detangled, place your curly clip-in hair extensions into a shower cap. We recommend leaving your conditioner on for at least 1 hour—overnight is ideal. 
  9. Once the time has passed, wash your curly extensions with cold water. (Cold water seals the hair’s cuticle, which seals in the moisture. It’s okay to leave some residual conditioner in.)
  10. Before leaving your curly clip-in hair extensions to dry, we recommend applying a leave-in conditioner and water-soluble gel to each weft individually.
    1. To apply, rake the products through from the top to the ends and scrunch upward—just like you would apply product on your natural curls. If you need some tips on styling, check out our guide on styling techniques for curly hair extensions and natural curls. 
  11. After applying the product, lay each curly hair extension weft out on a towel that’s placed on a flat surface. Let your curly extensions dry overnight.

That’s it—you’re done! Congratulations, babe, your curly clip-in hair extensions are ready to wear! If you’re a visual person, watch our video on how to wash your curly hair extensions for a little extra support. 

The Best and Worst Products For Curly Human Hair Extensions

Just like with your natural curls, the best products for your curly clip-in human hair extensions are products free from sulfates, alcohol, and parabens. This includes any product you’d use on curly hair: shampoos and conditioners, styling products, and any leave-in conditioning products. 

Many people think you have to drop big bucks to properly care for textured hair and curly hair extensions, but that’s not the case! Check out this list of our favorite drugstore products under $10 that we recommend for curly hair and curly hair extensions care. 

In terms of the worst products you can use on curly hair and curly human hair extensions, we say stay away from all bleaching or lightening products. These products can destroy your beautiful, natural curls and can definitely damage your curly hair extensions!

How to Prevent Your Curly Extensions From Tangling, Shedding, and Matting

When your Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions are well-loved, they’re going to need a little TLC to keep them looking fresh and gorgeous. Just like your natural hair, curly extensions are prone to tangling, shedding, and matting. The best way to avoid tangles is with a proper wash and set—like the one we outlined earlier in this blog. Here are a few other ways to minimize damage to your curly clip-in hair extensions:

  • Avoid styling methods that cause excess tangling, like teasing.
  • Avoid swimming with your extensions in. (We love mermaids, too, but resist the urge!)
  • Avoid sleeping with your extensions in.
  • Brush gently, with a wide-toothed comb or a Denman brush. Aggressive brushing can cause your curly hair extensions to shed.
  • One of the best ways to prevent curly hair extension damage is to store them properly. (See below for tips!)

When you wear hair extensions that are curly and clip in, some wear and tear is inevitable. If your curly extensions are installed and you do find tangles, don’t panic! Here’s how to detangle your curly hair extensions when they are clipped onto your head. 

  1. Starting from the bottom up, slowly detangle your curls and your curly extensions. You can use your fingers, but if you need to create extra slip, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and conditioner. 
  2. If you feel the curly extensions pulling your scalp while detangling, gently lift the hair from the bottom to minimize tension. Then, slowly continue the detangling process.

If your extensions are tangled and aren’t installed, you can simply gently detangle your wefts in the sink with lukewarm water, conditioner, and a wide-toothed comb. 

How to Store Your Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Proper storage of your Bebonia curly hair extensions is essential to keeping them gorgeous. When storing your curly clip-in hair extensions, choose a cool, dry place. Don’t expose your hair extensions to direct sunlight—UV rays can break down hair and cause the color to fade. 

We recommend using a storage case that treats your curly hair extensions well. We love our Bebonia curly hair extensions storage bag. It has a stain liner to help prevent frizz, and it won’t crush the extensions’ curls. 

Alternatively, you can use a silk pillowcase or a bonnet. Whichever storage method you choose, make sure you neatly place your curly extensions; one on top of the other. Never place them in a clump or just dump them in a bag, and certainly don’t shove them into your storage bag! Placing them thoughtfully and gently will help ensure your curly hair extensions stay beautiful, bouncy, and untangled. 

Styling Tips for Curly Extensions

Styling curly clip-in hair extensions isn’t as difficult as it may seem—if you’re used to styling your natural curls, you can learn to style your curly hair extensions easily! 

We generally recommend two styling methods: scrunching or finger-wrapping. 

Scrunching Styling Method for Curls

Here’s a quick, how-to guide on how to utilize the scrunching styling method for curly hair. 

  1. On soaking wet, clean hair, use your fingers to rake gel through each individual section. Rake in gel from the top to the ends, try not to get it directly on your scalp, or you could weigh your curls down. 
  2. After applying, flip your head over, and scrunch and squeeze upward.
  3. Repeat this through all of your hair.

Finger-Wrap Styling for Curls

Here’s a quick, how-to guide on using the finger-wrap styling method for curly hair.

  1. First make sure your hair is soaking wet. If needed, use a spray bottle with water and a bit of leave-in conditioner to re-wet your hair as you go to keep it at the right saturation point.  
  2. Take a small section of hair and add gel, applying from top to bottom.
  3. Wrap the hair tightly around your fingers, but not so tight that you wouldn’t be able to slide it off. 
  4. Smooth out the ends, then slide the newly created curl off your finger and allow it to fall naturally. 
  5. When you’re using this technique with your Bebonias, make sure you lay them flat to dry. With your own natural hair, feel free to air dry or diffuse after this step, depending on how voluminous or defined you want your hair to be. 

Bebonia Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions: Find Your Curl Confidence

We’re so excited for you to try out your new pair of Bebonia curly clip-in hair extensions. We know that navigating your first pair of natural curly hair extensions that clip in can feel overwhelming, but hopefully this beginner’s guide has you well on your way. If you ever have any questions about hair extensions for curly hair, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team!

Haven’t ordered your first pair of curly human hair extensions? We’ve got you, babe! Whether you’re wondering, “What is my curl type?” or know exactly what you need, we’ve got you covered. For a curly hair extension match, reach out to our support team. Or browse our curly extensions and order your perfect pair today. We have a variety of textures and colors, including blonde curly hair extensions and black hair extensions! We also offer a beautiful drawstring ponytail to make all your curly updo dreams come true. We can’t wait to see how you rock your new curly clip-in hair extensions! 

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